Perceptions of Body Image

By jordym
  • Hourglass figure, full figured. Ladies wore corsets to make the waist tiny.

  • Period: to

    Perceptions of Body Image throughout History

  • Slender was fashionable as more ladies were in athletics. The perfect lady was 5'10" and 10 stone.

  • Ladies went from hourglass figures to thin. They used to bind their breasts to look boyish.

  • Ladies were thin with large breasts and back to the hourglass figure again.

  • Very slender with a boyish look.

  • There was a more increased emphasis on weight loss and body shape.

  • Still slim but body tone and fitness were important.

  • Ladies were very slim with large breasts or the waif look which was more boyish.

  • Body shape is thin and artificial with plastic surgery. But curves are also coming back