Sir Douglas Marson

By darn
  • Birth

    He was born in Yorkshire England 1874.
  • Migrated

    He moved to Australia when he was 2.
  • Islands

    In 1903 he occompained a group going to the New Hebrides Islands.
  • professer

    In 1905 he became a professer and took lecsures at the university of Adelaide.
  • Magnetic Pole

    Mawson travelled 2000km and watched the magnetic pole move.
  • magnetic pole

    In 1907 he traveled to the south pole and watched the shifting of the magnetic pole.
  • Climed Mt Erebus

    Mt Erebus is the tallest Mountain in the South Pole.
  • Near death

    In 1911 he went to an unmaped area west of the magnetic pole and after losing 2 companions he had to make it out alive, which he did.
  • Marriage

    He got married to Plaqet Delprat in1914.
  • His book

    His book
    In 1915 he wrote a book called "The Home Of The Blizard" about all his experiences.
  • he was the boss

    he was the boss
    In 1929 he led an expodition combined between British, Australian and New Zealand to explore large areas of the south pole because of this expodition Britain gave Australia most of its passing claims to the south pole.
  • $100 note

    $100 note
    He was put on the first $100 note in 1948.
  • Death

    Sadley mawson died in 1958. He died when he was 84 years old.