Asheville History

By mattitf
  • Cherokee Trading Route

    Cherokee Trading Route
    Asheville was an early area for trade between Europeans and the local Cherokee Indians. Some Cherokees started to dress like Europeans. (source: "Cherokee." America the Beautiful. Grolier Online http://atb.grolier.com/cgi-bin/article?templatename=topics.html&a
    ssetid=atb085&assettype=t (accessed October 23, 2008).)
  • Rutherford attacks Cherokees

    General Rutherford attacked the Cherokees living in Western NC. The Europeans wanted to control the area and the Cherokees also wanted to control it. Rutherford broke the power of the Cherokee nation.
  • First settlers in Buncombe County

    First settlers in Buncombe County
    Samuel W. Davidson and his family were the first to settle in Buncombe County in the Swannanoa Valley He was eventually killed by Indians and buried on Jones Mountain.
  • Buncombe County was established

    Buncombe County was established
    Buncombe County was established by William Davidson and Colonel David Vance. A log courthouse was constructed in 1793 where Pack Square is now. Picture of Vance place from http://www.tennkin.com/bios/vancebirthplace.htm
  • Name Asheville first used

    Name Asheville first used
    Morristown was incorporated and renamed Asheville in honor of Governor Samuel Ashe.
  • Drovers Road and trade

    Drovers Road and trade
    A road following the French Broad River was completed that went to East Tennessee. With It wagons of settlers moving west began coming through Asheville, while droves from Tennessee and Kentucky moved herds of cattle, sheep, hogs and turkeys through to the population centers of South Carolina. source: http://gis2.esri.com/industries/k-12/commatlas/06-07/597/656/The%20Buncombe%20Turnpike.htm
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    Asheville became a major Confederate military center. The Buncombe Rifles was the first company organized west of the Blue Ridge. Captain Zebulon Vance organized shortly thereafter the Rough and Ready Guards. image source: http://www.nccivilwar150.com/history/contributions.htm
  • Land of the Sky and Tourism

    Land of the Sky and Tourism
    Asheville and Western North Carolina got the nickname "The Land Of The Sky" from a book by Mrs. Frances Tiernan of Salisbury, writing under the name of Christian Reid. She gave Asheville the nickname because it is so pretty here. Asheville became a famous place for tourism and health spas. image source: http://toto.lib.unca.edu/findingaids/books/booklets/with_pen_and_camera/default_with_pen_camera.htm
  • Tourism flourishes

    Tourism flourishes
    Grove Park Inn, Battery Park, Biltmore House, and other large homes, hotels, inns and spas are built in Asheville. image source: http://www.lizasreef.com/LIZA%27S%20REEF/art_biography.htm
  • Terry Belamy elected mayor

    Terry Belamy elected mayor
    Asheville inaugurates Terry Belamy as mayor. She is the first African American Mayor in Asheville. image source: http://timeforourpower.com/speakers.php