Bellendag Timeline

  • Free living organism to be sequenced

  • Thomas Hunt Morgan

    Proved heredity with fruit flies
  • Alfred Surtevant

    constructed 1st genetic map of chromosome
  • Frederick Griffith

    discovered what transforming principle
  • Jean Brachet

    Dna was found in chromosomes
  • Beadle & Tatum

    one gene-one enzyme
  • Tjio & Levan

    Reported that humans have 46 chromosomes
  • melelson-stahl

    Dna rep semiconservative
  • Howard Martin Temin

    discovered reverse transcription
  • 1st DNA based genome

  • Walter Fiers

    1st to establish complete nucleotide sequence of a gene
  • Frederick Sanger

    Developed sequencing method
  • 1st complete sequence of bacteriophage

  • 1st sequence of a gene

    frederick sanger
  • Human Genome Project Begins

    determine the sequence of chemical base pairs
  • Yeast Genome

  • Mouse Genome

  • Drosophila Genome

    1st multi cellular organism to have its genome sequenced
  • Human Genome Project Ends

    determine the sequence of chemical base pairs
  • Chimps Genome

    compare sequences of humans to apes
  • Arabidopsis Genome

    first plant to be entirely sequenced
  • Dog Genome

  • Brown Rat Genome

  • zebra fish geneome