Jessica's timeline

  • vinyl record--Positive

    vinyl record--Positive
    Gramophone records were the primary medium used for commercial music reproduction for most of the 20th century...the vinyl record left the mainstream in 1991..
  • The Eight Track---Positive

    The Eight Track---Positive
    The eight track tape player was invented in the 1950's for in radio stations. They were not used for music, they were used to store and play radio commercials because they could be handled quickly by dj's inbetween spinning 45 rpm vinyl records that were the mainstay of radio at the time. In the middle sixties they became common media for automobile stereo systems.
  • Cassette Tape--- Positive

    Cassette Tape--- Positive
    The Philips Company of the Netherlands invented and released the first compact audio-cassette in 1962.
  • Compact Disc--- Positive

    Compact Disc--- Positive
    The very first cd player was invented by James T. Rusell. James T. Russell, a senior scientist at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory, invented the technology for the compact disc in 1965. In 1969 it came out in stores
  • CD-- positive

    CD-- positive
    cd came out in stores
  • walkman-- Positive

    walkman-- Positive
  • mp3 players---- Positive

    mp3 players---- Positive
    In 1997 in England, developer Tomislav Uzelac of Advanced Multimedia Products invented the first MP3 player which was avalible to public in 1998.
  • Ipod Classic---Positive

    Ipod Classic---Positive
    With the introduction of the iPod Classic in 2007, Apple changed again the music player's interface by changing the font to Helvetica and in most cases, splitting the screen in half by displaying the menus on the left and album artwork, photos, or videos on the right.
  • Ipod suffle,nano touch--- Positive

    Ipod suffle,nano touch--- Positive
    The iPod touch models take the iPod line into new territory, offering music, photo, and video playback on a larger display than earlier iPod models, as well as Internet access via wi-fi.