Socialnetworkz lifespan

By oliyks
  • Getting to know the group

    This was the first time we got acquainted and had our first Skype sessions.
  • Weebly page creation

    A group environment to collaborate on
  • Period: to

    Group event 1

    Course Creation - Pbworks group gathered together in order to set good/bad e-course criteria. This also meant putting up a pbworks page "Tallinn University projects".
  • Group meeting

    We discussed several points, set up a google docs page and collaborated there.
  • Finalizing group task 1

    This was the smoothing day of our entire keywords project, which came out as a nice document. Online course criteria can be found here.
  • Skype meeting

    Task division, individual tasksk
  • Period: to

    Second group task

    Building a roster of the course.
  • Individual task completion

    Individual tasks were written into one frame together with the group.
  • Period: to

    Groupwork through various channels

    We divided tasks for writing content into the Pbworks page, and decided who would do which task. Each member contributed to their task.
  • Group meeting 3

    This did not happen simultaneously, but everyone responded at their own pace.
  • Finalizing group task 3.

    Uniforming the font and tasks.
  • Weebly launch

    We launched our weebly page.
  • Period: to

    Group work 4 - weebly

    Setting up a Weebly page. Ideas for setting up an even better backbone for the course.
  • Weebly finalized

    Almost all topics posted, pictures added, etc., to make the course attractive.
  • Period: to

    Weebly tuning. Groupwork 5.

    Here we tuned our web page, added some more content, unified headlines, etc. A nice clean page!
  • Weebly tuning in progress

    Final thoughts on how it would be better to improve our course.
  • Weebly final

    Weebly in its final state, I believe. Some minor adjustments are on their way, but this is for beauty reasons.