Vietnam war

By shogun
  • 1st

    => The treaty of SEATO and ANZUS was signed.
    => Vietnam war started
  • 2nd

    => the first death from the Australian troop.
    =>South Vietnam President Diem assassinated in coup.
    =>CBJ installed
  • 3 weeks later

    =>The US President Kennedy was assassinated.
  • 3rd

    =>The Tonkin incident
    =>'Tokin response'-LBJ
    =>National service Act (in december)
    => AATTV increased to 283
  • 4th

    =>The US (RAR to South Vietnam)
    => the government sent more troops as the population agreed.
  • 5th

    =>Battle of Long Tan
  • 6th

    =>Additional 1700 Australian trops
    =>62% supported the government after the battle of Long Tan.
  • 7th

    =>TET offensive 'start of war' Tv war
    => men was removed if they were educated.
    =>electronic was improved and the population were able to see the war to television.
    =>FSB coral and Bamoral(23 soldiers died)
  • 8th

    => Nixon announces 'Vietnamisation'
    =>Battle of Binh Mar
    =>Ho Chinh dies
    =>Australian government said there was no more troop increase
    =>40% was for the government while other were against
  • 9th

    =>First moratorium march (May melborn, 17000 people marched out .
    =>2nd moratorium
    =>union action
    => 50% for the war and other were against.
  • 10th

    =>The US and North Vietnam signed peace.
    => Some Australian troops came home.
    =>Alp wins election
    => Vietnam war ended and Australian men were pulled out of the war by the Australian government.
  • 11th

    =>Cease fire begins
    =>Last US combat troops withdraw (march 1973)
  • 12th

    =>North Vietnam reams and break peace Arrod.
    =>Vietnam war killed 520, 2500 wounded, 59000 served.