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Curtis James Jackson the Third

By tunj
  • Early life/ Childhood

    Grew up in Jamaica disctrict of queens New York since he was born and never moved
  • Period: to

    50 Cent

  • Mothers death

    Mothers death
    The date wasn't recorded but in 1983 50's mother died, due to the fact that she sold cocaine to support her and her son. On a late night while 50 was at his grandparents, his mother went to a night club for some drinks and she got intoxicated because a mysterious stranger slipped something into her drink then later took her to her apartment and turned on the gas so she wouldn't get any oxygen and then burned her body.
  • living with Grandparents

    In 1983, his mother died so he went to live with his grandpasrents. While living with his grandparents there was never enough money to go around and he never had new things beacuse he had nine aunts and uncles living with him also, and thats excluidng cousins.
  • Went to the Junior Olympics the 80'S

    Went to the Junior Olympics the 80'S
    Started Boxing at the age of eleven, and at fourteen his neighbor opened up a boxing gym, which led to him going to the1980's junior olympics
  • Education/ Jail

    Education/ Jail
    50 went to Andrew Jackson High school in 1980 and in 1982 when he was in grade ten he got expelled for having crack vials in his shoes, socks, and locker. While in jail 50 completed GED("General Education Development). The GED is an American/ Canadian test that shows if you are up to a high school education (it's taken in a room with 5 people.).
  • Marquise Jackson "25 Cent".

    In 1997, 50's girlfriend at the time ( Shaniqua Tompkins ) gave birth to his first child and son Marquise Jackson but 50 likes to call him 25 Cent. In 2009 Tompkins sued 50 for 50 million dollars on the terms that he promised to take care of her but is ignoring her, the judge dismissed the case on the terms of a love story gone sour.
  • Album, "50Cent is the future"

    Album, "50Cent is the future"
  • Shootings

    On May 24th 2000, 50 got shot in front of his grandparent’s house. The police report said that 50 was shot 9 times with a 9mm hand gun. He was shot in the leg, thigh, hand, buttocks, back, and cheek. The gun man was suspected to allegedly be Darryl "Hommo" Baum a close friend of Mike Tyson's but the blame couldn't of been blamed because three weeks after the shooting Baum got killed.
  • Enterprises

    In 2002 50 founded the rap group "G-Unit' which stands for Gangsta Unit or Guerilla Unit. Many members were in the group but many left or have been in a fight with 50 so they left, like "The Game", and "Bang Em' smurf". 50, and the G- Unit produced many mix tapes together and produced alot of hit songs
  • Major obstacle

    Major obstacle
    Once 50 got shot he was dropped from his reccrd deal at Columbia Records beacuse of his song the "Ghetto Qu'ran" which labeled him as a snitch among other "gangster rappers" which made him blacklisted at all recording companies. Soon after this hard time in his music carrer Def Master Jay of Run-DMC signed hima nd showed him how to rap the right way in the contet of showing him how to count bars, write chorusus, make records, and many more. But soon after this manifest in 50's life Def Master J
  • Major obstacle pt. 2

    Major obstacle pt. 2
    Soon after the manifest in 50's life caused by Def Master Jay was well established in his lkife; Def Master Jay got shot and didnt live to survive. This really affected his carrer and life. (50 showed him recognition on his album "Shut em down" with his song react.)
  • The album "Geuss whos back?"

    The album "Geuss whos back?"
  • Album, "No mercy, No fear"

    Album, "No mercy, No fear"
  • The album, "Power of the dollar"

    The album, "Power of the dollar"
  • Album, "The new breed"

    Album, "The new breed"
  • Court cases, and Lawsuits

    Court cases, and Lawsuits
    50 has been to court many times for multiple cases and offenses, such as drug deals, gang violence, and many more offences. One of 50's popular lawsuits was against "Traffic inc". Traffic inc is an advertising company, that was promoting a ringtone company by setting up a game on popular websites like my space; where the mouse curser was a gun and you had to shoot a cartoon character that resembled 50 5 times for a free ring tone. 50 sued for 1million$.
  • Singles.

    50 has recorded many single but his most popular one was "Candy shop". It was produced by Scott Storch and Olivia was feautred in the song, Candy Shop was his second single and was the most popular song in 2005 due to this the song was nominated for the 2006 Grammmy awards for the best song and the 2005 MTV awards under the best male video category
  • Album, "The massacre"

    Album, "The massacre"
  • "Get rich or die tryin'" The movie

    "Get rich or die tryin'" The movie
    In 2005 the movie based off 50's life was presented in thaeters, The movie was about 50's life from birth to his shooting and taking over the rap game.
  • Feud pt. 3

    Feud pt. 3
    On August 11th 2007 at the 40/40 club they settled the feud over drinks with other rapper such as T.I., and P-Diddy
  • Feud with Kanye West

    Feud with Kanye West
    In 2007 50 cent's career was starting to slow down but to speed it back up he started a feud with Kanye West with the terms and conditions that by September 11th Kanye will relase his album "Graduation" and he will relase his album "Curtis", the person who sells more albums will be crowned the winner and the person who sells less will have to stop music forever.
  • Feud with Kanye pt. 2

    Feud with Kanye pt. 2
    Kanye agreed to the terns and conditions and was a good sport about the whole ordeal when he won but when 50 lost he was being a sore loser and decided that he wouldn't listen to his own conditions and still continueded to do music. When Kanye heard about 50's reactions, things started to heat up between them and the feud broke out.
  • The album, "Curtis Album"

    The album, "Curtis Album"
  • Album, "Before I self destruct"

    Album, "Before I self destruct"
  • Album, "War angel LP

    Album, "War angel LP
  • The album, "Forever king"

    The album, "Forever king"
  • Things fall apart

    50 is an established rapper as well as an actor and he has leaked information about his upcoming film called "Things fall apart",
    The movie is about a football player that has a promsing future in the NFL but things start to go down hill when he realises he has cancer, 50 lost an astonishing 52lbs for this role and got his motivation from a friend who was diagnsed with cancer.
  • The album "Black majic"

    Though the album hasn't come out yet, 50 is promoting it and going on tour with it across Europe.
    The reason 50 is only going on tour in Euorope is beacuse he got the inspiration from the msuic in Euorapian night clubs