Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Cuba Getting Their Supplies

    Cuba Getting Their Supplies
    Kennedy confirmed reports of Soviet technicians and supplies arriving in Cuba.
  • Period: to

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    The crisis marked a historic turning point in U.S. -Soviet relations.
  • Missiles Revealed

    Missiles Revealed
    Aerial surveillance revealed missiles in Cuba.
  • Kennedy's Television Debut

    Kennedy's Television Debut
    Kennedy addressed nation on Soviet threat and announced a "quarantine" (blockade) of Cuba.
  • USSR's Warning

    USSR's Warning
    The USSR warned that U.S. actions could lead to a nuclear war.
  • Ending of the Blockade

    Ending of the Blockade
    Kennedy accepted Khrushchev's proposal to end the crisis:Soviets will remove missiles and United States will end blockade and promise not to invade Cuba.
  • Return of the Weapons

    Return of the Weapons
    Khrushchev announced that weapons will be returned to the Soviet Union.