Diana Vreeland

  • Diana is Born

    Diana is Born
    Diana Vreeland was born Diana Dalziel in Paris, France
  • Diana Daltziel Marries Reed Vreeland

    Diana Daltziel Marries Reed Vreeland
  • Diana begins to work at Harper's Bazaar

    Carmel Snow, the editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar, saw Diana at a party and loved her fashion sense, so she hired Diana.
  • Carmel Snow leaves Bazaar

    When Carmel Snow retired, Diana vied for her job, but the executives thought that Diana wouldn't be able to handle such a position. Diana stayed for a few years after Carmel's retirement, though very disapointed.
  • Diana gives Jackie Onnasis advice for Inauguration clothes

  • Diana leaves Bazaar

    Diana was hurt that she was passed over for promotion at Harper's Bazaar. Between that and trouble with payment from the Hearst company, Diana left.
  • Diana joins Vogue as Editor

    Diana was offered the position of Editor-in-Chief and she jumped at the chance to leave Bazaar.
  • Reed Vreeland dies

  • Diana is fired from Vogue

    Si Newhouse, chief of Conde Nast Publications, had Diana fired for no apparent reason. Diana, not to be outdone, went to Newhouse's office herself to be fired to her face.
  • Diana becomes a consultant to Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Met King Geroge V and Queen Mary

    Met King Geroge V and Queen Mary
    Diana was one of fifteen American women presented to the royalty.
  • Diana writed DV

    Diana Vreeland wrote her autobiography titled DV.