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my beautiful life

  • the day i was born!

    the day i was born!
    I was born o June 11 1994. in IU medical center in indianapolis, indiana. I was not prematurley born nor to late. so all around im a perfect child!
  • Period: to


  • Sisters birth

    Sisters birth
    My sister was born on the 4 of march in 1996. she was also born at IU medical center. She is very intelegent and loves hannah montana.
  • Graduate Elementary school

    Graduate Elementary school
    i started my elementary career at Weston Elementary school in Greenfield, Indiana. i finished my long adventurous journey at Scott Elementary school which was very over crowded and i met some of my best friends ever!
  • start riding dirt bikes

    start riding dirt bikes
    i began riding dirtbikes on my 13th birthday. since then i have been in love with the sport! I will probably continue riding for a very long time because its just one of those sports you can not leave!
  • Any time in the future

    Any time in the future
    One day in the future i want to visit the country of Austria. i want to because i think it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the world. i have been obsessed with austria since i was around 9. plus arnold swartzenager was born there!