The Cuban Missle Crisis

  • Missile Confermation

    Missile Confermation
    Kennedy confirmed reports of Soviet technicians and supplies arriving in Cuba.
  • Period: to

    The Cuban Missile Crisis

  • U-2 Serveillance

    U-2 Serveillance
    Aerial surveillance revealed missiles in Cuba.
  • US Naval Blockade

    US Naval Blockade
    Kennedy addressed the nation on the Soviet Union threat and announced a naval blockade on Cuba.
  • USSR's Warning

    USSR's Warning
    The USSR warns the U.S. that their actions could lead to nuclear war.
  • Missile Crisis Ends

    Missile Crisis Ends
    President Kennedy accepted Khrushchev's proposal to end the missile crisis.
  • The Russians Return Home

    The Russians Return Home
    Khrushchev annonced that the nuclear weapons will be returned to the Soviet Union