Berlin Crisis

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    The Berlin Crisis

  • The Wall.

    The Wall.
    Just past midnight during the night East German soldiers and construction workers headed to the border of West and East Berlin. While most Berliners were sleeping, the workers quickly constructed a barrier made of concrete posts and barbed wire along the border.
  • Larger Wall Is Built.

    Larger Wall Is Built.
    The barbed wire barrier is being removed and replaced with a wall of concrete blocks. This first Wall around Berlin was two meters high, made from different building materials assembled into a rough construction.
  • The Second Wall.

    The Second Wall.
    A second Wall is being built to prevent escapes to the West. The first Wall is improved over the next years and it becomes difficult to distinguish between the first and the second generations of the Wall.
  • The Shot.

    The Shot.
    Peter Fechter, 18, a bricklayer from East Berlin, is shot and left to bleed to death in full view of western media. Bystanders in the West tried to rescue him, but were prevented from it at gunpoint.
  • The Visit

    The Visit
    President J. F. Kennedy visits Berlin and declares: “Ich bin ein Berliner.” ("I am a Berliner.")
  • The Negotiation.

    The Negotiation.
    After 7 rounds of negotiations between the Senate of Berlin and the East German authorities, an administrative agreement is signed allowing West Berliners to visit their relatives in East Berlin on a limited basis.