The History Of Games Timline

  • Tennis for two

    tennis for two was made by william higinbotham and is the first electronic game
  • Galaxy Game

    The galaxy game is thout to be the first coin operated computer game
  • First Generation

    The first generation began with the release of the Magnavox oddesey,Magnavox oddesey 100 Atari
    and the celco telstar
  • Second generation

    the second generation of computer consoles were fairchild Atari 2600 magnavox odyssey 2 atari 5200 Sega SG-1000
  • Atari

    The computer company Atari was made and produced Pong and later all of the Atari computer consoles
  • Early handheld computers

    Early Hand held computers where The Milton Bradly Microvisiony(only Thirteen Games ) and the Nintendo Game And Watch (Sixty games)
  • Pac Man

    Pac man was published by nanco Midway
    and is regarded as a classic
  • Donkey Kong

    Donkey kongs main characters The Ape And Jumperman became two of Nintendos most poular Characters Later being Known as Mario and Donky Kong
  • Industry Crash

    the industry crash lasted two years until the succsess of the NES many computer console companys went banckrupt
  • Third generation

    The third generation of computer consoles where Nintendo Entertainment system {The NES best selling game was super mario brows selling over 40.23 millkion to date} The sega master system Atari 7800
  • Fourth Generation

    Fourth generation computers where Sega mega drive SNES, NEO GEO and the Turbo grafix more handheld cames consoles were released aswell and they were the gameboy Artari Lynx and the Sega game Gear
  • Fith Generation

    the Fith generation started with the release of the Playstation N64 Sega satern Atari jaguar and the 3DO Interactiv e Multiplayer
  • Sixth Generation

    the sixth generation had the consoles: Playstion 2,
    X-box,CameCube, Sega Dream cast
  • Halo

    halo is the most popular game for the x-box
    There are currently 3 games halo combat evolved halo 2 and halo 3 but there is going to be more released soon
  • Seventh Generation

    the seventh generation is the current generation and the computers on sale at thje moment are X-box 360 PS3 Nintendo WII
    and the hand held consoles are the PSP and thwe Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo WII

    The Nintendo wii is an interactive compute r and was an instant succsess when it was released and over the christmas of 2007 some shoops had waitin lists of 6 weeks plus