Lifecycle of a Monarch Butterfly

  • Fertilization

    The adult female butterfly lays and egg which is fertilized by the male. The butterfly will lay the egg on a preffered host plant, the swan plant sometimes known as milkweed.
  • The Monarch Butterfly Egg

     The Monarch Butterfly Egg
    The egg is laid on the swanplant.
  • Egg Hatches

    The egg hatches into a tiny catepillar also known as a larva.
  • Caterpillar Grows

    The caterpillar eats and grows a tremendous amount
  • Pupa

    Caterpillar attaches itself to a twig and froms a hard outer shell. Inside the chrysillis also known as a pupa the caterpillar changes into a vutterfly. It sometimes camoflagues itself to protect it from predators.
  • Butterfly emerges

    An adult butterfly emerges from the chrysillis. Monarch butterflies do not live for a long period of time. They cannot eat, only drink through their straw like Proboscis. They fly, mate and reproduce and the cycle begins again.