Antonio Vivaldi

  • It's a boy!

    It's a boy!
    Don Antonio Lucio Vivaldi is born into the city of music and flooded streets that was Venice.
  • Period: to

    life time

  • You're hired!

    You're hired!
    Vivaldi gets hired at the Pieta,and is ordained a priest.
  • 1st concerto

    1st concerto
    L'estro Armonico (Vivaldi's first concerto) is published.
  • 1st opera

    1st opera
    Ottone in Villa (Vivaldi's first opera) is published.
  • 1st oratario

    1st oratario
    Juditha Triumphans (Vivaldi's first oratario) is published.
  • Mr. Impressario

    Mr. Impressario
    Now that Antonio plays for Pope Innocent XIII, he is an impressario.
  • du dun dun dun du du dunnnnn

    du dun dun dun du du dunnnnn
    The famous song Four Seasons is published.
  • Befriend royalty: check

    Befriend royalty: check
    Vivaldi meets Emperor Charles VI, and they become great friends.
  • Get lost!

    Get lost!
    Because baroque music is "out of fasion" no one listens to Vivaldi's music. If you were bankrupt back then,you wre forced to find work somewhere else.
  • R.I.P., Antonio Vivaldi

    R.I.P., Antonio Vivaldi
    The great musician dies presumably of asthma.