Nothing but the truth

Nothing But The Truth- Memos

By ks4635
  • Tuesday Memo, Announcement

    3) "Please all rise and stand at respectful, silent attention for the playing of our national anthem."
  • Period: to

    Memo Progression at Harrsion High School

  • Friday Memo, to Philip

    To: Philip Malloy
    From: Dr. Palleni, Assistant Principal
    RE: New Homeroom Assignments Philip is moved into Miss Narwin's homeroom effective Wed March 28
  • Tuesday Memo, to Dr. Doane

    To: Dr. Doane (Principal)
    From: Miss Narwin
    RE: Application for Grant Miss Narwin wants to go to a workshop for "master teachers" to give new ideas; feels her teaching needs to be updated and she's a bit out of touch; wants to find new ways to entice young people to read
  • Wednesday Memo, to All Staff

    To: All
    From: Superintendent Seymour
    RE: Budget Talk to voters; informed voters are wise voters
  • Monday Memo, to Miss Narwin

    To: Miss Narwin
    From: Dr. Doane
    RE: Grant Application Limited funding, and available funds for these events have already been allocated
  • Friday Memo, 10:10am- to Philip

    To: Philip
    From: Dr. Palleni (assistant principal)
    RE: New homeroom Philip is moved into Mr. Lunser's homeroom effective Tuesday April 3
  • Friday Memo, 11:16 am to Bernard Lunser

    To:Bernard Lunser
    From: Dr. Palleni (assistant principal)
    RE: Philip Philip is returning to your homeroom after being suspended for 2 days; watch his behavior, perhaps something is going on at home
  • Friday Memo 11:26 am to Dr. Doane

    To: Dr. Doane (principal)
    From: Dr. Palleni (assistant principal)
    RE: Philip Philip is suspended for 2 days for a disturbance in his homeroom, and has been transferred to Mr. Lunser's room. No further attention required.
  • Monday Memo 11am to Superintendent Seymour

    To: Seymour
    From: Dr. Doane (principal)
    RE: Philip's suspension March 28,29,30 Philip caused a disturbance in homeroom (singing the national anthem in a loud, raucous disrespectful manner; stopped 1st time asked, refused second and third; suspended for refusal to apologize to teacher and classmates
  • Monday Memo 1:30pm to Dr. Seymour

    To: Superintendent Seymour
    From: Dr. Doane (principal)
    RE: Philip's Suspension deliberately caused a disturbance; drawing attention to himself; other words added into memo
  • Monday memo 3:30pm to Gloria Harland

    To: Gloria Harland (Chairman, school board)
    From: Superintendent Seymour
    RE: Philip's suspension 1) National anthem is support of American values 3) added wording again 7) chose suspension himself
  • Tuesday Memo 8 am Official Statement

    It is the practice in *all* Harrison schools that during morning exercises the national anthem is played, part of our program in support of traditional American values.
    There is *no* rule that prohibits a student from singing along is he/she so desires.
    The Harrison School District is pleased to *encourage* appropriate displays of patriotism.
    It is the responsibility of our classroom teachers to monitor student behavior in this regard.