Video games refused classification in the last 12 months

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    Games refused classification in the last 12 months

  • Sexy Poker

    Sexy Poker
    Refused classification because of its use of nudity as an incentive and reward.
  • NecroVision

    Denied MA 15+ classification due to excessively gory violence
  • Risen

    Risen was refused a classification because of its depictions of drug use and sexual references.
  • Left4dead2

    Left4dead failed to obtain a classification in Australia because of its high impact violence
  • Crimecraft

    Crimecraft was refused classification due to player interactivy with drug use and sexual violence which was linked to incentives and rewards.
  • Aliens vs. Predator

    Aliens vs. Predator
    Initially refused classification due to excessive violence. The decision was later reversed on appeal on the 18th of Decemeber and was classified MA 15+.