smoking tieline

  • Jul 15, 1575

    Mexico Bans Smoking

    The church of Mexico bans smoking
  • Pope Urban VII and Pope VIII

    The Popes ban smoking in or near te church and threaten to excommunicate.
  • 3000 bc tabacco is produced by native americans

    evidence of native aericans first making tabacco over 5000 years ago in cuba
  • columbus in the 15th century brings back tabaco and gives it to queen elizabeth

    brought it back from the america's
  • smoking dangers first discussed

    the danger of smoking is first discussed in the medical journal the lancet
  • World War 1

    In the war years fro 1914 to 1918 seving soilders were supplyed with a rationed amount of ciggarrets
  • World War II

    During the world war two service men are givin a free allowance of cigarretts. A Chief Medical Officer who gave this advice to the young recruits "Your mother has probably told you to stay away from smoking drinking and loose women" well you are in a different world now, smoking makes you happy and relaxed, drinking makes you forget many of the horrors you encounter and loose women well..."
  • Period: to


    Hollywood manages to make smoking look cool
  • The Nazis ban smoking

    While the Nazi party is in control they ban smoking in universities, post offices, military hospitals, and Nazi Party office. The ban was overturned when they were overthrew.
  • smoking estimate

    in 1950 an estimated half of the population is smoking There is 10.7 smoking scenes per hour in a movie
  • British Medical Journal

    In 1950 the British Medical Journal publishes an article that dicusses the link between smoking and cancer
  • Period: to

    The next 50 years showed change

  • US Surgeon General

    US Surgeon General declares the link between smoking in lung cancer.
  • Period: to

    12 million estimated deaths

    including 4.1 million deaths from cancer, and 5.5 million deaths from cardiovascular diseases
  • Wednesday War

    His mother is smoking in the kitchen and is trying to cover it up by opening a window
  • Wednesday Wars

    Holling walks into the bathroom to find eigth grade boys smoking
  • Wednesday wWars

    People are smoking in a school at a board meeting
  • First Public ban of Smoking

    The first public ban on smoking is passed in Minnesota.
  • 2000 estimation

    An estimted 20% of the american population is smoking 10.9 smoking scenes per hour