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The Sustainability Institute

  • SI was founded

    SI was founded
    In 1999, John Knott and Jim Augustin of The Noisette Company founded the Sustainability Institute
  • Purchase of the GreenHouse

    Purchase of the GreenHouse
    In 1999 the residence at 1441 East Montague Avenue, North Charleston, was purchased to be a model home of sustainability. The home is known as The GreenHouse and is the primary location of the non-profit.
  • Sustainable Home Renovations

    In 2002 the GreenHouse facility underwent sustainable home renovations to become a model home of energy efficiency. Previous resident utility bills were over $200 per month - today utility bills are under $80.
  • Green Cities Initiative

    With the addition of Renee Patey as a full time staff member, the Green Cities Initiative was borne. This program allows the Institute to expand it's services to a municipal level.