Genetic Progress Timeline

  • Site specific enzymes are discovered.

    Hamilton O. Smith (1931-) discovers the first site-specific restriction enzyme.
    These enzymes can be used to manipulate DNA.
  • Recombinant DNA created

    Paul Berg (1926-) creates first recombinant DNA molecules. Recombinant DNA is a mix of two types of DNA.
  • Human Genome Project started

    Scientists wanted to map the entire human genome.
  • Dolly the sheep cloned

    Dolly the sheep was successfully cloned using nuclear transfer.
  • Human Genome done

    Scientists finish sequencing the entire human genome
  • Dinosaur cloned

    The first dinosaur is cloned, and almost breaks out.
  • First human cloned

    The first human is cloned and people are amazed.
  • Wooly mammoth cloned

    The first wooly mammoth is cloned.
  • Research eugenics

    Humans begin research on eugenics to see if they can improve the human race.
  • Humans mutate

    Humans mutate and get super-powers