Chris Cornier

  • *Jack's wish*

    *Jack's wish*
    Jack's wish is for his cow to give him milk so Jack can keep the cow. Jack's cow is Jack's only friend.
  • *Jack's problem*

    *Jack's problem*
    Jack's mom wants to sell the cow for money because the cow wont give them milk. Jack's mom wants him to go to the woods to find someone to sell the cow to.
  • *Jack's lie*

    *Jack's lie*
    Jack lies about his cow giving milk to get sell the cow to the Baker and his Wife. But the Baker's Wife tricks Jack into giving him magic beans instead of money. The Baker lies to Jack by telling him that Jack can buy back his cow when he gets money.
  • "I Guess This Is Goodbye"

    "I Guess This Is Goodbye"
    Jack sings about Milky White (Jack's cow) being sold to the Baker and his Wife. Jack is sad because Milky White is his only friend.
  • *Jack steals*

    *Jack steals*
    Jack's mom throws the beans and calls Jack a fool. But the beans grow into a real magic bean stalk. Jack climbs the bean stalk and meets the Giant that lives there, up in the clouds. But the Giant doesn't know that Jack steals gold coins from the Giant to get back his cow.
  • "Giants In The Sky"

    "Giants In The Sky"
    Jack sings about the Giants up in the clouds. Jack feels exited when he sings "Giants In The Sky."
  • *Jack's cow*

    *Jack's cow*
    Jack finds the Baker and asks for his cow back and offers the Baker gold coins. The Baker tricks Jack once more into giving him the money and Jack goes back to the bean stalk to get more money for the Baker.
  • *Going back up the bean stalk*

    *Going back up the bean stalk*
    Jack goes back up the bean stalk to get more gold to buy back his cow. While up in the bean stalk Jack steals a gold egg laying chicken to bring back to the Baker.
  • *Baker says "NO!"*

    *Baker says "NO!"*
    The Baker refuses to give Jack Milky White. Jack and the Baker fight over the cow which makes the cow die.
  • *Jack's third trip up*

    *Jack's third trip up*
    Jack bumps into Little Red Rinding Hood and she doesn't believe that the chicken lays eggs. To prove to Little Red that there is a place in the sky Jack goes back up the bean stalk to get a harp that plays music on its own.
  • *Bye! Bye! Bean Stalk!*

    *Bye! Bye! Bean Stalk!*
    This time Jack goes up the bean stalk to get the Giant's harp. But while up in the kingdom in the sky the Giant catches Jack trying to steal his harp. Jack runs down the bean stalk and cuts down the bean stalk with a axe and the bean stalk falls. When the bean stalk falls the Giant is crushed by the bean stalk.
  • *Happily ever after?*

    *Happily ever after?*
    The Giant's Wife comes down from a second bean stalk and she wants revenge on Jack for killing her husband. After the Giant wrecks most of the woods and people including (Jack's mom) in there its up to Jack, Cinderella, the Baker, and Little Red Ridinghood to get rid of the Giant's Wife. The Bkaer and Jack wait in a tree for the Giant to come so they can kill her. After the Baker and Jack kill the Giant the whole cast sings "Finale: Children Will Listen."
  • *The Happily ever after"

    *The Happily ever after"
    Jack, the Baker, Cinderella, and Little Red decide to live together and they become a family.