Final steps to WW1

  • Heir to Austro-Hungarian throne assasinated

    Despite discrete warnings from france and russia, A-H listen to own middle-class press instead of international community and demand decisive action. Conrad, the chief of staff in A knew the war would be difficult without G support.
    IN BERLIN- imperial government favoured restraint whilst military leaders were much less cautious. Kaiser made decision.
  • Period: to


  • Blank Cheque

    Germany proved commitment to support Austria was affirmed with "blank cheque" (unconditional-support in handling of Serbia)
  • Austrain Ultimatum

    10 point ultimatum given to Serbia which would effectively have made Serbia part of Austrain empire. 48 hours to reply.
  • Serbia reply

    Failed to satisfy Austrian government Diplomatic relation sevred.
    Russia agree to back Serbia in meeting of council of minister.
  • British foreign sevretary proposes 4-power conference.

    Conference of ambassadors proposed by Grey.German chancellor rejects idea day later.
  • AH declare war on Serbia.

    Aerial bombardment of Belgrade. Kaiser Wilhelm appealed to Vienna to "halt in Belgrade"
  • Germany declared war on Russia.

  • Germany declare way on France.

    Britain issued ultimatum to Germany to respect neutral position of Belgium.
  • Britain decalre war on Germany