garrett and takuya civil war

  • missouri compromise

    missouri compromise
    The missouri Compromise was an agreement passed in 1820 between the pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups in the United States Congress, involving the regulation of slavery in the western territories.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    was a group of five bills passed on september the 4th eliminating a four year confrontation between slave states and free states
  • Fugitive slave act

    Fugitive slave act
    the act was passed on the 18th of september as part of the compromise of 1850 between slave states and free states it stated that in the act that all runaway slaves be brought back to their owners
  • Uncle toms cabin

    Uncle toms cabin
    it was a novel by harriet beecher stowe about attitudes toward blacks and slavery in the united states
  • kansas/nebraska act

    kansas/nebraska act
    created the territories of kansas and nebraska wich repealed the missouri compromise and allowed settlers in those territories to decide if they would allow slavery
  • Wilmont Proviso

    Wilmont Proviso
    The Wilmont Proviso was one of the biggest events leading up to the civil war, it would have banned slavery in any territory to be acquired from mexico