james town

By mosherc
  • The James town colony

    104 male settlers arrive at what they namee james cittie and establish the permanent english settler in the new world
  • Attacked by Indans

    Paspahegh Indans attacked the colonist,killing two and woundind ten
  • Fort of jame town

    James fort is complented

    The Council finds President Edward M. Wingfield guilty of libel and he is deposed; John Ratcliffe takes his place.
    December 10: Capt. John Smith leads expedition up the Chickahominy in search of food and is captured.
  • Smith reuns to James town

    smith retunes toJames twon to find a desperate situation only 38 of the original 104 settlers remanes.
  • Smith

    Smith is accused of causing the deaths of his men on the expedition, tried, and condemned to be hung. Christopher Newport returns on the John and Francis with the "first supply" of food and additional settlers; Newport halts the Smith execution.
  • Smith

    The "second supply" with 70 new immigrants arrives on the Mary and Margaret, including an Elizabethan bed for Powhatan, a five-piece barge to explore the Richmond Falls, and two women, Mrs. Thomas Forrest and her maid Anne Burras.
    November: Jamestown's first wedding: Anne Burras marries John Laydon, a carpenter.

    John Smith is brought before Powhatan; Smith believes that Pocahontas, Powhatan's daughter, saves his life.
  • Hudson

    Sir Thomas Gates, George Somers, William Strachey and 100 new settlers arrive in two ships, Deliverance and Patience.
  • John gets married

    Colonist John Rolfe marries Pocahontas.

    Pocahontas dies in Gravesend, England.
  • The deth

    Captain William Tucker concludes peace negotiations with a Powhatan village by proposing a toast with a drink laced with poison prepared by Dr. John Potts; 200 Powhatans die instantly and another 50 are slaughtered.
    September: William Strachey makes the last known reference to James Cittie; surveyor William Clayborne lays out the streets of New Towne, a suburb outside the old James Fort.

    1624 Dutch settle in New Amsterdam