Jamestown Timeline

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    jamestown timeline

  • Virgina was Sighted

    Virgina  was Sighted
    the three ships sighted Virginia,and were attacked by Indains
  • Indains Attack Jamestown!

    Indains Attack Jamestown!
    Indians attack the colonists killing two and wounding ten people
  • John Smith was Captured

    John Smith was Captured
    John Smith is captured my indains
    but was saved by pocahontas just in time!
  • John Smith Left

    John Smith Left
  • Jamestown Leaves

    Jamestown Leaves
    due to lack of supplies gates decide to abandon the settlement at the Jamestown and returned to England
  • Where Tabacco Begians

    Where Tabacco Begians
    John Rolfe arrived with a group from Bermuda and began experimenting with tobacco seeds
  • First Tabacco Shipment

    First Tabacco Shipment
    Jonh Rolfe had sent his first shipment of tabacco to england
  • Pocahontas was Baptized

    Pocahontas was Baptized
    Pocahontas was baptized and given the Christian name Rebecca.
  • First Marrage at Jamestown

    First Marrage at Jamestown
    pocahontas and John Rolfe larbor Married and were the first english marriage.
  • Chief Powhatan Dies

    Chief Powhatan Dies
    Chief Powhatan dies.Although his brother Opitchapam was offically the Chief his younger powerful half brother Opechancanough took charge!
  • King James Died

    King James Died
    King James died and was succeded by his son Charles I.
  • Government Charter

    Government Charter
    A plan of government was adopted in Connecticut ,the charter was granted