Chief Red Cloud's Life - Joseph Drake

  • Period: to


  • Period: to

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  • Born in 1822

    Born in 1822
    Red Cloud was born around North Platte Nebraska
  • Red Clouds War

    Red Clouds War
    Red Cloud's war was between 1866 to 1868
  • Fetterman Massacre

    Fetterman Massacre
    Fetterman Massacre was the bloodies battle in Red Cloud's war
  • Treaty of Fort Laramie

    Treaty of Fort Laramie
    In 1868 the U.S. Army sighed over the treaty of Fort Laramie to end Red Cloud's War
  • Trip to Washington D.C.

    Trip to Washington D.C.
    In 1870 Red Cloud went to Washington D.C. Commissioner after native affairs.
  • Red Clouds Agency

    Red Clouds Agency
    In 1871 Red Cloud's Agency was established on the Platte River
  • Red Cloud's Agency

    Red Cloud's Agency
    In1873 Red Cloud's Agency was removed to upper White River in Northwestern Nebraska.
  • Red Cloud's Death

    Red Cloud's Death
    On Dec. 10 Chief Red Cloud died. He was 97 years old.