Rcarr princess theodora!

  • 470

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    sorces http://womenshistory.about.com/od/medbyzantempress/a/theodora.htm

  • 522

    maried Justinian

  • 523

    when two factions (known as the Blues and the Greens) threatened to end Justinian's rule she is credited with getting Justinian and his generals and officials to stay in the city and take strong action to suppress the rebellion

  • 527

    empress of Byzantium from (527-548b.c.),

  • 527

    He depicted Theodora as a backstairs politician who controlled her weak husband and influenced state policy following Justinian's accession

  • 532

    Apparently Theodora did persuade Justinian not to abdicate during the Nika riot

  • 551

    She was not able to change her husband's policies. Justinian vigorously supported the orthodox theological formula devised at the Council of Chalcedon

  • Death

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