Charles Darwin's Life

By c.rolph
  • Charles Darwin is Born

    Charles Darwin is Born
    Charles Darwin was born in Shrewbury, Shropshire, England on February 12 1809 at his family's house. He was the fifth of six children of Robert Darwin, and Susannah Darwin. Furthermore Charles Darwin's dad was a wealthy society docter.
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    Charles Darwin

  • Charles Darwin's Mother Dies

    Charles Darwin's Mother Dies
    Charles mother died in July 1817, when he was only eight years old. (the day is unknown)
  • Early Studies

    Early Studies
    Charles Darwin attended Mr. Case's grammar school in Shrewsbury. He was a boy who liked to keep to himself and was rather shy. His hobbies were inventing wild stories, and showing off his athletic skills to the other boys. He was also very sneeky and mischivious, and loved to be the center of attention in his household.
  • Darwin Sets Up his Chemistry Lab

    Darwin Sets Up his Chemistry Lab
    Charles and his brother setup a chemistry lab in the garage/tool shed of the garden. Darwin loved chemistry just as much as his other hobbies. Also it was during this time that he learned the basic principles of scientific experimentation.
  • Charles Darwin has Troubles in School

    Darwin's father pulled him out of Shrewsbury school due to his bad grades and him having no understanding or dirrection in life. It is funny to think that at this time his father punished Darwin for his laziness, saying that if he carried on in this direction he would end up being a disapointment to himself and his family. Furthermore Darwin cared for nothing but shooting birds, playing with dogs, and catching rats!
  • University of Edinburgh Medical School

    University of Edinburgh Medical School
    Charles Darwin went to the University of Edinburgh Medical School along with his brother Erasmus in October 1825. He found the lessons boring and surgery upsetting, so he refused his studies and decided to learned taxidermy from John Edmonstone.
  • Darwin Meets Robert Grant

    Darwin Meets Robert Grant
    Darwin meets naturalist Dr. Robert Grant and learns to examine marine animals. November 10 Charles joins the Plinian Society.
  • Winter Break

    Winter Break
    During the winter break Darwin went to London where his brother showed him around the Royal Institution, Linnean Society, and Zoological Gardens. These visits helped make Darwin's more interested in natural history. Afterwards Darwin went to the Woodhouse to see his girlfriend, Fanny Owen.
  • Beagle Voyage

    Beagle Voyage
    The Beagle Voyage around the world (6 years). When he returned from North Wales, Darwin found letters waiting for him from Revd. John Henslow and George Peacock. Darwin had been asked to come on the H.M.S Beagle to be a naturalist on its two year journey of South America.
  • The Beagle Voyage Finishes

    The Beagle Voyage Finishes
    H.M.S. Beagle arrived home after a voyage of four years, nine months, five days. The Beagle docked at Falmouth, England, during a storm at night. After Darwin then set off immediately for home.
  • Darwin`s First Theory

    Darwin`s First Theory
    Darwin developed the Theory of Natural Selection. Natural selection is the process in which genitic traits make it more likely for an organism to survive and succesfully reproduce, then becoming more common in an area over many generations.
  • Darwin's First Child

    Darwin's First Child
    William Erasmus Darwin is the son of Charles Darwin. He was born on December 27 1914. Charles Darwin also had 10 other kids but William was the first of these 10 children.
  • Evolution by Natural Selection

    Evolution by Natural Selection
    Darwin writes an essay about ``Evolution By Natural Selection`` and tells Emma to publish the theory if he was to die unexpectedly. Darwin then publishes the Geological Observations on the Volcanic Islands.
  • Royal Medal

    Royal Medal
    The Royal Medal, is also know as the Queen's Medal,is a silver-gilt medal that is given to someone each year by the Royal Society, two for "the most important contributions to the advancement of natural knowledge" and one for "distinguished contributions in the applied sciences" made within the Commonwealth of Nations.George IV was the one who created this award.
  • Darwin Recieves Wollaston Medal

    Darwin Recieves Wollaston Medal
    The Wollaston Medal is a scientific award for geology, it is the highest award granted by the Geological Society of London.
    The medal is named after William Hyde Wollaston, it was first awarded in 1831. It was first made of palladium, it is a metal discovered by Wollaston.
  • Darwin Recieves Copley Medal

    Darwin Recieves Copley Medal
    The Copley Medal is an award given by the Royal Society of London for "outstanding achievements in research in any area of science, and differences between the physical sciences and the biological sciences". It is awarded every year, the medal is the oldest Royal Society medal still being awarded.
  • Darwin`s Death

    Darwin`s Death
    Charles Darwin died in Downe, he was seventy-three when he died. He was given a state funeral and was buried in Westminster Abbey on April 26.
  • Darwin's Thoery Will Change the World Forever

    Darwin's Thoery Will Change the World Forever
    Charles Darwin's theory has made a huge impact on the world. It has grown controversy, while at the same time creating a new form of scientific thought.
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    Charles Darwin's Affect on History

  • Impact on Modern Religious Thought

    Impact on Modern Religious Thought
    Darwin had a very, very strong impact on how people thought about religoin from the 1960's to the now a days. He provided the theory that man came to be through the idea of evolution. He caused people to make choices and beliefs based on what they want and not what thier religion suggests they do. He caused some people to relize that politics, science and religion are three very different subjects.
  • Darwin Fish

    Darwin Fish
    The symbol in the picture above represents how people now a day belive in the scientific theory of revolution instead of beliving in God. This picture is usalluy found on license plats to represent the owners belief of how man came to be.