Covington Lodge #188

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In History
  • First Masonic Lodge in Louisiana

    The first known Masonic Lodge in Louisiana, Perfect Union #29, chartered. Before this date, Freemasons had been involved in plots for independance from Spain.
  • Etoile Polaire Lodge #4263 founded

    Lodge granted a charter by the Grand Orient of France.
  • Louisiana ceded by Spain to France

    The Treaty of San Ildefonso secretly cedes Louisiana to Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    During the administration of Thomas Jefferson, Louisiana is purchased by the United States.
  • Louisiana is granted statehood

  • Grand Lodge of Louisiana founded

    On June 20, 1812, the Grand Lodge of Louisiana was constituted with a membership close to 1,000.
  • Texas Lodges chartered

    In March 1835, five Master Masons met beneath an oak tree in Brazoria, Texas and petitioned Grand Master John H. Holland of Louisiana for a charter to form a lodge in Texas. By the end of 1837, three lodges had been chartered in Texas by the Grand Lodge of Louisiana.
  • Civil War begins

    The attack on Fort Sumter officially begins the American Civil War.
  • Civil War ends

    the Civil War officially ends at Appomattox Courthouse in South Carolina.
  • Covington Masons apply for charter.

    A group of Masons residing in Covington, Louisiana petition the Grand Lodge for dispensation to form a Lodge through Mount Moriah Lodge #59 in New Orleans, LA. All members were reportedly Confederate veterans.
  • First Meeting of Covington Lodge.

    Presided by Bro. J.W. Anderson, WM of Mount Moriah Lodge. Officers:
    WM: Robert F. Clute, Rector of Christ Episcolpal Church.
    SW: James M. Thompson, lawyer
    JW: Henry F. Spring, farmer
    Secretary: William B. Hosmer
    SD: James M. Ford
    JD: W.H.R. Hangen
    Tyler: Charles Heintz.
    3 petitions recieved. Meetings fixed at the first Saturday of each month at 4pm.
  • Covington #188 chartered

    Official chartered granted by the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. Lodge located next door to Mrs. Sterling's boarding house.
  • Covington Lodge consecrated.

    Covington #188 is consecrated at a regular stated communication "by candlelight." The Grand Master of Louisiana presides. The Lodge has 18 members, including W.B. Hosmer, member of Rising Glory Lodge #215 in Osyka, Mississippi. Other Masons were members of Franklinton Lodge #101 and Livingston Lodge #160.
    Officers elected:
    WM: Robert F. Clute
    SW: James M. Thompson
    JW: Fenelon B. Martindale
    Secretary: Alonzo Givens
    Treasurer: Charles Heintz
    SD: J.M. Ford
    JD: W.H.R. Hangen
    Tyler: John Theobold
  • Lodge buys property, occupies wooden building

    Property purchased from Mrs. Emma Afroux - Lot 4 in Square 7, Division of St. John, town of Covington, on the south side of and adjacent to the lot on which the present temple is now located.
  • Altar and chairs donated

    Altar donated by Bro. Robert Badon in memory of his father. The Burns brothers also donated 100 arm chairs, dates unknown.
  • Lodge building destroyed in fire, members rebuild

    A fire, originating on the corner of Columbia or Boston Streets, destroys all buildings from that intersection to the Bogue Falaya River. The Lodge is also destroyed.
    The Lodge rents the second floor of a building on the corner of Columbia and Boston from Mr. P.J. Lacroix
  • New Lodge building completed on previous site.

  • Hurricane destroys Lodge roof, records lost.

    A large hurricane destroys parts of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. The roof was severly damaged, allowing records to be destroyed by rain. The roof was repaired immediately.
  • 1910 Lodge building destroyed by fire

    The fire occurred in the morning. The Presbyterian Church offers Sunday School rooms for a meeting place. New construction is planned immediately for a brick temple.
  • Lodge purchases more property

    Covington Lodge purchases two more lots from the St. Tammany Light and Ice Manufacturing Company in the Spring of 1924. By this act, it becomes owner of all property from its original site to Rutland Street. Most of the property is kept vacant to protect it from fire.
    The property was secured by a mortgage in favor of Covington Bank and Trust Company.
  • Present Lodge building completed

    A new brick structure is completed at a cost of $40,000 and has been continuously occupied ever since.
  • "Black Friday", Lodge rents first floor.

    The stock market crashes, which forces liquidation of Covington Bank and Trust. To make payments, the Lodge rents the ground floor to the Welfare Department.
  • Lodge becomes debt-free

    A small group of Lodge members donates fund to pay the total indebtedness of Covington Lodge. It has remained debt free ever since.
  • Interior renovation begins, Library instituted.

    The lodge was restored, painted, and the Bob White Memorial Library is created.
  • Hurricane Katrina damages roof of Lodge

    The roof is damaged by Category 5 Hurricane Katrina, but the efforts of Bro. Bob Gilhaus and others quickly repaired the damage through the Lodge's own funds.
  • Banquet Hall renovated for renting

    The first floor banquet hall is renovated to include new wooden floors, stucco repair, and a handicapped-accessible restroom.
  • Interior renovation expanded

    Plans begin to renovate the Bob White memorial library, replacing termite-damaged wood on the first and second floors, and updating the anteroom.
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    History of Covington Lodge #188

    This history is set in the context of Louisiana history.