Key battle of the American Revoltionay way

By shelbyw
  • lexington and conecord

    lexington and conecord
    the first shot was there . Nobody knows who shot the it .
    it was called the shot hered around the world. it would not have happrnd if the brittish went to conecord.
  • bunker (breed's hill)

    bunker (breed's hill)
    it was the first offcial battle of the war. the brittish soldrers won the battle of bunker (breeds hill)
  • Saratoga

    the turning of the war for was because they defeted the british. because of the win the franch are wiling to alow the help of the navy.
  • chareston

    it was a grate lost of eqipment. they almost cmpleat lost gave the british almost copletle controll of the war.
  • cowpens

    it was an inportent battle of the war. triking the british. the british out numbered .
  • YorkTonw

    the last battle of the war.
    the british serrenered and serrenered :) THEN THE BATTLE WAS FINALEY OVER! :)