american revolution

  • lexington and comcord

    lexington and comcord
    the first shot the revlutlon were fired there. this event is sometimes referred to as the shot heard round the world because of the impact of the american revolutionary ideal on other nations. as a result the second continental coongress met and named george washington commander in chied of the army that gathered around boston after lexington and concord
  • bunker [breed's hill]

    bunker [breed's hill]
    first official battle of the american revolution significans learned. the battle demons trater the power americans fighting from behind.
  • cowpens

    the importan battles in south carolina showed the cooperation of the regular continental amry and the irregular partisan sled the attack and then fled the field,tricking the british regulars.
  • saratoga

    the turing ponit of the war for the american patriots. american forces defeated the british in their attempt to spit the colonies at the hudson river.
  • Charleston

    Charleston was stopped by the tides and the resilience of the palmetto log fort that became known as fort moultrie of british were successful the second time around. the port of charston, south carolina was under siege by the britsh for many days.
  • york town

    york town
    final battle of the war. the fench navy assisted genera george washington and his army by blocking the habor. the blockde prevented british army,camped invirginia waiting for transport to winter quarters, from escaping.