• Initial Planning

    incorporation of technology to inhance good health awareness,
  • Discussion of options

    Mike and I discussed a few web sites that we could use to track and document student nutrition and activity. We ended up choosing because of how user friendly it is. Mike will use to have his students document their diet and physical activities for a month long. Mike has always done an activity such as this but has only used paper based documentation. Students would have to use outdated nutrition books to find nutrition values.
  • Finalization of Nutrition Unit

    Mike and I have decided to have his students keep a paper log which we will then give them lab time, twice a week, to have them transfer data to their own personal acounts
  • Intro to live strong

    Mike and I spent some time at lunch, where I walked him through the site and helped him learn all the features he would like the kids to use, during the assignment.
  • PLC Time

    Mike and I used our meeting time to make sure that we could get lab time for his classes to make the unit work. To our disappointment, and the schools lack of resources, we were only able to schedule one lab time per week for each of his classes
  • Getting unit ready

    Today we made all the copies that are going to be needed. We have a weekly nutrition log that is broken down into days. Each day is broken down into meals as well as some of the nutritional values. The major valuesw Mike is having the kids look at are Sugars, Fats, and Protiens. They will keep a paper log as well as the log. Once a week (when pc time is allowed) students will transfer their paper log to the website. This will be done for one month.
  • 1/2 check point

    Today Mike and I met to touch basis. We discussed how assignment was going.Apparently the assignment is going really good, students are even finding their own time to enter in their nutrition logs.
  • Wrap up

    Today we met to rap up the assignment, see how it went, and see what major changes we can do for next year. Positves of the assignment were; students could see exactally what was in what they ate, students could see where they could make changes in their diet, and the activity really got the students engaged. Students would spend time looking up other alternatives for foods that they liked that were too high in sugars or fats. A major draw back of the assignment was the lack of PC time.
  • add on to the 7th

    Students stressed that they would have preferred to go to the lab everyday to have a chance to enter in their nutrition logs. A change fo next year, if possible, would be that of a color printer. Livestrong offers charts and graphs, but they are hard to read in black and white. For the final outcome students turned in thier web log and their paper log, as well as a three paragraph learning experience paper.