Slave Trade

  • Begining of slave trade

    Begining of slave trade
    This is when the slave trade began in America. The Europeans kidnapped Africans and Arabs and traded them to people who needed manual labor to be done.
  • Period: to

    Slave Trade

  • First Africans to arrive.

    First Africans to arrive.
    The Frist Africans arrived in the British settlements on the Atlantic coast when they were tradd or sold for suppplies by a Dutch ship at Jamestown, Va.
  • Slave laws

    Slave laws
    A system of slavery grew in British North America and statutory laws grew around it.
  • spaniards slave trade.

    spaniards slave trade.
    This is when the Spaniards began the slave trade in west Africa.
  • How many slaves?

    How many slaves?
    By this time there were 75,000 blacks living in American colonies.
  • Slave plot

    Slave plot
    When South Carolina became harsher and working conditions deteriorated there was an alleged plot by slaves in New York City where 10 percent of the population was enslaved. The extent of the plot remains in dispute, but more then two dozen slaves were executed in the aftermath.
  • Sir John Howkins

    Sir John Howkins
    This was the frist englishman to have the dubious distinction of being involved in the slave trade and they had nearly 200 ships at this time with a capacity to cram aboard 45,000 slaves.
  • 1/5 of th population slaves!

    1/5 of th population slaves!
    In America by the date of the Declaration of the Independence about one fifth of the population was enslaved.
  • Slave booming

    Slave booming
    by this time there were more than 10 times the slaves as in 1725.
  • 400,000 slaves

    400,000 slaves
    By this date and ten years later there had been 400,000 slaves transported from Africa by British sailors.