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    GMO history

  • Fructose and glucose discovery

    Fructose and glucose discovery
    Ernst hoppe-seyler discovered a way to cut down sugar molecules and his enzyme is still used today in many sweeteners. these sweetners , taste sweet but might not include as many calories of sucrose as normal sugar.this process is still used today and many people but this artifial sweetner and use it in their daily lives.
  • isolating DNA

    isolating DNA
    ANDREI NIKOLAEVITCH BELOZERSKY isolated pure DNA for the first time.this helps manipulate the DNA and help make GMO foods. the manipulation of the DNA helped out a lot during the whhole history of GMO foods. it is a necessary process in the making of GMO foods.
  • prevent spoilage!

    prevent spoilage!
    this is an important event because it was one of the first forms that people started to change food(modify).Louis pasteur inventeda process of pasteurisation , which is when you heat wine so that you inactivate microbes and prevent spoilage of the wine . this all happens without the wine loosing its flavour.
  • biotechnology revolution begins

    biotechnology revolution begins
    this is an important date because during this year scientist were able to create a new organism for the FIRST time. this was possible because of the manipulation of the DNA as it was injected into a bacterium.
  • extend shelf life of fruit

    extend shelf life of fruit
    this helped the market keep the fruits on the aisles for a longer time so they didnt have to order as much fruit in short periods of time. this was possible because of the DNA manipulation and because of this they could also make potatoes produce more protein and remove allergy causing proteins from peanuts
  • GM dairy cows

    GM dairy cows
    genpharm international creates an enzyme for cows to e genetically modified to produce human milk proteins for infants. this helped alot because there could be an infant formula for mothers to buy for their babies . not all mothers can breast feed their babies so off the counter milk with the same proteins can help them feed their babies to grow healthy.
  • cloning

    this event is important because it was the first cloning in the history of GM food.researchers from scotland's roslin instiute cloned a sheep using the cell of an adult ewe. this was also possible because of the manipulation of the DNA.
  • beef packaging

    beef packaging
    this is important because the australian's research helped identify a better way of beef packaging, so that the beef can stay tender when packed and sold. this helped not only the market but the people bought more beef now that it had a better quality .the market made more money of course because of the sale of the beef.
  • modify foods

    modify foods
    this is an important event because this is when reseasrchers started to modify food even more and this food was approved to be edible.CSIRO researches found genes to control the growth,color, and protein content of different food. because of the contro of these genes you could control the color opf apples . US researchers idetified a gene that could increase the protein,iron,and zinc amount in wheat kernels .
  • safe to eat!

    safe to eat!
    this is an important event because this is when the USfood and drug administration agreed and concluded that the food made from cloned animals was as safe to eat as the food made from non-cloned animals. this made a big difference because since it was safe to eat more people bought it and consumed it.