First They Killed My Father

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    First they killed my father

    Phnom Penh Loung lives in the city of Phnom Penh with her father who is a major in the Lon Nol government's military. The ung family lived a good life with a nice house, school, and food.
  • Takeover and the Seven-Day Walk

    Takeover and the Seven-Day Walk
    The Khmer Rouge come to Phnom Penh and force everyone to evacuate the city. Loung and her family are forced to leave their home. All they can do is keep walking.
  • Ro Leap

    Ro Leap
    Luong and her family arive at Ro Leap.
  • Labor Camps

    Labor Camps
    Loung's brothers Khouy and Meng are sent to llive in labor camps.
  • Leaving home

    Leaving home
    Loung has to leave her family. Her mother tells her that they will all be killed unless they leave.
  • Child soldiers

    Child soldiers
    After finding a new village to stay at, Luong is sent to a training camp for soldiers.
  • Youn Invasion

    Youn Invasion
    Youns invade Cambodia and get to Loung's camp. She is able to get out without being harmed. Eventualy she finds out that the Youns are not monsters.