1930s Timeline (Thurs per. 4)

  • Women and The Olympics

    Women are allowed to compete in the modern Olympic Games for the first time.
  • Eileen Vollick

    Eileen Vollick of Hamilton Ontario becomes the first Canadian woman to earn a private pilot's license.
  • Herbert Hoover

    Herbert Hoover is elected 31st president of the united state of america
  • Persons Case

    On March 14 The "Famous Five", Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Henrietta Muir Edwards and Louise McKinney, asked the Supreme Court of Canada if the word "person" (in Section 24 of the British North America Act) included persons that were female.>>>
  • The Drought Began

    The decade of drought began - known as the Dust Bowl. This was detrimental to agriculture and caused thousands rural families to leave their farms.
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    1930s Timeline

  • Person's Case was Passed

    The British Privy Council over-ruled the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision and legally declared women as “persons”. Now that women were "persons", they could run for senator.
  • Stock Market Crash

    The crash of the New York Stock Exchange, occurring on Tuesday October 29th (known as 'Black Tuesday') marked the beginning of the Great Depression. A total of 16.41 million shares were sold in one day, a record amount.
  • Chrysler Building

    • The Chrysler building, the world’s tallest building, is built in New York
  • Drought

    Drought begins in the Praries.
  • Empire State Building

    Empire State Building
    The Rmpire State building is open to the public. A t that time it is the tallest building in the world.
  • Louise McKinney dies

    She was the first woman sworn in to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and first woman elected to a legislature in Canada and in the British Empire. She was part of the famous 5.
  • Maple Leaf Gardens Built

    Maple Leaf Gardens Built
    Maple Leaf Gardens opens after just 6 months of construction, providing many jobs. It will be home of the famous Toronto Maple Leafs NHL hockey club.
  • Canada

    The Progressive Arts club was founded by Poet Dorothy Livesay and 34 others, linking writers of the left to work for social change.
  • Prison population Grows

    Prison population grew substancially during the great depression(due to vagrancy) - this lead to many riots throughout Canada--> the first riot occured in Kingston of 1932, which lasted 6 days.
  • The stock market

    The stock market
    The stock market reaches the lowest point of value.
  • Releif camps

    The Government had to step in and enforce releif camps for those hit by the Depression.
  • Job Pay Effected

    By 1932, the average pay for coal miners reached 50 cents an hour, and left families to seek other job opporitunities.
  • Quebec's tragedy

    Quebec's tragedy
    Around 150 prisoners from the St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary close to Montreal cause $500,000 in damage. This is the most terrible prison riot that has happened in Canada.
  • Rockies Skiing Accident

    Raymond Paley becomes the first known skiing fatality in the Canadian Rockies on Fossil Mountain.
  • Unemployment Reaches its Height

    Unemployment Reaches its Height
    Was the depth of the depression, unemployement reached 27%, 1/5 of pop. dependent on government assistance.
    "Remember that the 20% was only the men, the heads of the families. It meant that one father, in a family of five had no work and his wife and their five kids were on relief too."
  • Government Unemployement Relief during 1933

    Government Unemployement Relief during 1933
    1/5 of population was dependent on gov’t assistance. Relief was $30-$40 a month, at the most
    "I was on relief getting $10 a month, for myself, the boy, and my two girls and with the two cows milking, and the chickens, and a garden, well, I'd say we got by." -- Widowed mother of three.
  • Earthquake Nunavut

    A large earthquaque occures in Nunavut. It was north or the arctic circle. 7.3 on the rictor scale
  • Arthur Currie passed away

    Arthur Currie passed away
    General Arthur Currie also known as "Gut and Gaitors" passed away at the age of 58.
  • Dionne Quintuplets

    A woman in Quebec gave birth to a set of quintuplets and the attorney general blocks plans by their father to exploit them in the United States.
  • Bank of Canada

    The Bank of Canada Act was passed by the government allowing it to be a central bank for Canada.
  • Party of Canada

    The reconstructed party of Canada was formed.
  • Relief from depression established

    The Canadian government announced they will spend 125 million on relief work helping homeless men and development to create jobs.
  • First Female Mayor

    Barbara Hanley was elected mayor of Webwood Ontario becoming the first female mayor in Canada.
  • Spanish War

    The spanish war began. Eventually, Canadian soldiers would be sent to aid the government.
  • Vimy Monument

    The Canadian Vimy monument was unveiled in France honouring soldiers that fought on Vimy ridge.
  • Globe and Mail created

    The Toronto Globe merged with the Mail and Empire newspaper to form the Toronto Globe and Mail.
  • Releif Demonstration in Vancuver

    Releif Demonstration in Vancuver
    Protesting candaian releif policies
  • First Governor Generals Literacy Award

    Govenor Genereal's literacy awards were created in 1937 and since have become one of canada's prestigious awards
  • New Deal Programs

    The Supreme Court becomes supportive of New Deal programs by ruling in favour of the Natioal Labour Relations Act
  • Prairies Drought

    1937 was worst year of the Drought for the Prairies
  • Birthrate

    The birthrate declined to the lowest level in Canada.
  • General Motors Strike

    More than 4000 workers went on strike from the Oshawa General Motors Factory because they were over worked and underpaid.
  • Trans -Canada Flights Begin

    Trans -Canada Flights Begin
    Regular flights for Trans-Canada begins!
  • Tuberculosis Vacine

    Vaccination for Tuberculosis is introduced.
  • First US President visites Canada

    Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first president of the United States to visit Canada.
  • Bridge collapsed

    The Honeymoon bridge collapsed in Niagara Falls.
  • Hurricane in New England

    Hurricane in New  England
    The hurricane on the coast of New England caused massive destruction. It hit Canada, New England, Downtown providence and Rode Island.
  • Quebecois Women get to vote

    Women Finally got the right to vote provincially in 1940, thanks to Thérèse Casgrain and her colleagues.
  • National Resources Mobilization Act passed

    The National Resources Mobilization Act enabled conscription for military service only within Canada.
  • Ogdensburg Agreement signed

    Franklin Roosevelt met with William Lyon Mackenzie King on a train near New York State. Roosevelt wanted to become closer with Canada. Mackenzie King signed Roosevelt's proposed Ogdensburg Agreement for a "permament board responsible for the joint defences of the two countries". Mackenzie King signed the agreement without consulting Parliament.
  • Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain occured during the summer of 1940. It was the first ever battle to be fought exclusivley in the air. One hundred Canadians took part in defending England against Hitler’s massive air attack. The royal Canadian Air Force also joined, but their men were not properly trained, and some even fired at British planes thinking they were Germans. The Battle of Britain kick-started Canadian aviation growth.