1930s (Thurs period 2)

  • Japanese Immigration

    Japanese Immigration
    Federal Government limits Japanese immigration to 150 people per year (Japanese also denied the vote in British Columbia)
  • Penicillium Notatum Discovered

    Penicillium Notatum Discovered
    Scottish biologist, Alexander Fleming discovers an antibacterial agent/mould that destroys many kinds of harmful bacteria (Penicillium notatum)
  • US Stock Market Record

    US Stock Market Record
    Record trading in US stock market: almost 5 000 000 shares sold in 1 day!
  • Stock Market

    everybody at the begining of this year was investing in the stock market, it was doing incredible well, everybody was putting money in stocks rather then saving accounts
  • new word invented

    noun, a set of attitudes, habits or possessions associated with a particular person or group; certain attitudes, etc, regarded as fashionable or desirable
  • Tourism in Canada

    tourism in Canada contributed $309 million dollars in the Canadian economy which was three times as much from 1920
  • Black Tuesday

    Stock market crashes-- thousands lose investments
  • The MOMA opened

    the Museum of Modern Art opened
  • Maple Leaf Gardens is built

    Maple Leaf Gardens is built
    In record time, Maple Leaf Gardens, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs was built providing jobs for many unemployed.
  • farmer's produce hit rock bottom

    Prices for farm produce hit rock bottom
  • Rosevelt wins presidential election

    Roosevelt wins the presidential election in November
  • Musicals and movies become a hit

    Musicals and movies became a big hit taking everyone’s minds off of the hardships during the time of the bad economy (all over the world)
    (throughout the year)
  • Unemployment rates in Canada

    The unemployment rates in Canada were at their highest.
    For example in Windsor, 30% of people were unemployed.
    Unmeployment rate in Toronto was 30%
    (Throughout the whole year)
  • Canadas gross domestic investments

    Canada’s gross domestic investments were at their lowest.
    New machinery and equiptment - under $100,000,000
    New non-residential construction - under $200,000,000
    New residential construction - under $250,000,000
    (throughout the year)
  • Hitler - Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler became the chancellor of Germany
  • End of prohibition

    The prohibition ended in the United States of America
  • Monopoly was created

    Monopoly was created
    In the beginning of 1934 in the United States, Monopoly was created in the height of the depression by Charles B. Darrow. Manufacturing companies were producing 20 000 sets a week to meet the demand of this revolutionary game.
  • Drought Problems Continued

    Drought Problems Continued
    The further weather drought problems in the U.S. and Canada continued in 1934. Million of acres of farmland became unusable and many livestock suffered along with the people.
  • P.M Bennetts want for change

    P.M Bennetts want for change
    Prime Minister Bennett announced that he wanted to change the British North American Act to the House of Commons. This was shocking to the House of Commons becuase no one douted anything from the British North American Act.
  • First Quintuplets Born

    The first world known surviving quintuplets born by Dr. Allen Dafoe in Corbeil Northern Ontario.
  • Guantanamo Bay Opened

    Guantanamo Bay Opened
    The United States and Cuba agreed that the U.S. would have a base located in Guantanamo Bay.
  • Canada's first silver dollar

    Canada's first silver dollar is circulated
    no specific date
  • Bank of Canada

    The Bank of Canada opens
  • Hitler introduces conscription in Germany

    Adolf Hitler introduces conscription and introduces the formation of the German Army
  • Hindenburg burst into flames.

    The Hindenburg burst into flames.
  • Edmonton's minimum wage

    Edmonton announces their minimum wage to be 33.3 cents per hour for men. This was the second highest minimum wage in Canada.
  • Stalin's power of Russia

    In the year of 1937, Stalin had gained total power over Russia.
  • Canada's Birthrate

    In this year, the birthrate in Canada had declined to its lowest level.
  • Jewish refugees are rejected at every port in Canada

  • Senator, Joyce Fairbairn the first woman to serve as Leader of the Government in the Senate

  • Olympic Games Cancelled

    the 12th Olympics in Tokyo were cancelled because of the war
  • Penicillin

    The first penicillin was developed for medical use by Howard Florey and Ernst Chain
  • Invaded

    • April 9 Denmark and Norway by Germany
    • May 10Belgium and the Netherlands by Germany
    • June 30 the channel islands by Germany
    • October 28 Greece by Italy
  • Jobs

    Jobs more available because of the war
    Men were needed to fight in the war as soldiers
    More farmers were needed for food for the soldiers
    The army needed more clothes, guns, cars, airplanes, boots ect. so factories were making more products