chicken soup1

By alice4
  • like people first

    like people first
    The window represents Craig watching his best friend Kent Nerburn find that he should get to know someone be for you say you dislike them.
  • The Secret of Happiness

    The Secret of Happiness
    The thorn represents what the butterfly was cought on when the young orphan girl released it from its captivity.
  • The Homerun

    The Homerun
    The baseball represents the first homerun hit by Cory because of his older brouther Terri.
  • Wild Thing

    Wild Thing
    The puddle represents the water forming at the foot of Jennifer Philbins' sleeping bag wile she thinks about here whole lifes' mistakes.
  • Soul Mates

    Soul Mates
    The braces represents one of the flaws that Luaren had but, Mike thought she was beautiful any way.
  • A Brother's Voice

    A Brother's Voice
    The phone represents when James Malinchak gor a phone call from his father saying that his sister, Vicki's, whole right side of her body was paralyzed.
  • My Big Brother

    My Big Brother
    The college represents where Lisa Gumenick's brother went to that mad her miss him so much.
  • She Didn't give up on me

    She Didn't give up on me
    The pumpkin represents the first day Kate McCann and Sharon Whitley spent the day picking pumkins.
  • Bright Heart

    Bright Heart
    The heart represents how the4 little doy with cancer felt after Jennifer Love Hewitt gives him a great big bear huge.
  • Reaching Out to a Stranger

    Reaching Out to a Stranger
    The socks represent the bare feet of the woman on the bus that had know shoes and Frank gives his to her for know reason.