Week of January 11th

By smartin
  • Homework

    Spelling p. 132
    Work on State Fair project
    Social Studies read pp. 76-77
  • Homework

    Spelling p. 133
    Social Studies notes for Visitor's Guide are due on Thursday
    Social Studies workbook 28,29 and Review pp. 90-91
    Math p. 254 # 12-31 Use the lattice worksheet
  • Homework

    Spelling 135,136 All Star 134,137
    Social Studies notes for Visitor's Guide
    Science seed and flower dissection (will have to be completed at school)
  • Homework

    Spelling pp. 122-125
    Work on State Fair Project
    Socience definfions for "My seed study"
    Math PW#50
  • Homework

    Social Studies chapter #3 open book test signed by a parent
    English workbook p. 44