Halley's Comet

By mwallis
  • Jan 1, 1066

    Famous Sighting

    Famous Sighting
    The most famous sighting of Halley's Comet was in 1066 right before the battle of Hasting. Also possibly sighted in 66 AD and 837 Ad.
  • Next Sighting-53 Years

    Next Sighting-53 Years
    In 1705, Edmund Halley predicted that the comet would return in 1758 (53 years into the future).
  • Halley's Comet - 1

    Halley's Comet - 1
    Halley's Comet was named after a British astronomer, named Edmund Halley. Halley's Comet is one of the most famous comets in astronomy.
  • Visible to the Eye

    Visible to the Eye
    This was one of the first times Halley's Comet was actually visible to the eye. Also this was the first time it was photographed.
  • The Second Eye

    The Second Eye
    In 1986, Halley's Comet was visible once again.
  • Closest to the Earth

    Closest to the Earth
    It was the closest to the Earth as its ever been.
  • Next Appearence

    Next  Appearence
    The next appearence (in our time) will be in 2062. We do not know exactly what month and day.