Civil War and Reconstrucion Timeline

  • Raid at Harper's Ferry

    Raid at Harper's Ferry
    John Brown’s small force seized the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, VA.
  • Period: to

    Civil War and Reconstruction

  • Succession from the Union

    Succession from the Union
    Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi formed the Confederate States of America.
  • The First Shots in the Civil War

    The First Shots in the Civil War
    First shots of the Civil War are fired at Fort Sumter with Anderson for the North and Beauregard for the South.
  • The FIrst Battle of the Civil War

    The FIrst Battle of the Civil War
    With McDowell for the North and Beauregard and Joe Johnston for the South, the First Battle of Bull Run happened on this date. There were 4500 casualties in 14 hours.
  • The Peninsular Campaign

    The Peninsular Campaign
    This is the Peninsular Campaign with McClellan for the North and Joe Johnston for the South.
  • Shiloh

    This 2-day battle of Shiloh had Grant and Sherman for the North and Albert Johnston and Beauregard for the South.
  • The Battle of Antietam

    The Battle of Antietam
    For the Battle of Antietam, McClellan had an advantage because a Union soldier found an envelope with Lee’s battle orders in it.
  • The Battle of Fredericksburg

    The Battle of Fredericksburg
    This Battle of Fredericksburg had Lee for the South and Burnside for the North.
  • The Battle of Chancellorsville

    The Battle of Chancellorsville
    With Hooker for the North and Lee for the South, this was the Battle of Chancellorsville.
  • The Battle of Vicksburg

    The Battle of Vicksburg
    This 11-day battle was in Vicksburg where Grant, for the North, pinned down 30,000 confederate soldiers and resolved to starve them out.
  • The Battle of Gettysburg

    The Battle of Gettysburg
    Meade replaced Hooker for the North and Lee is for the South at Gettysburg. Neither side expects a battle, but this ends up being the last offensive campaign.
  • Sherman's March to the Sea

    Sherman's March to the Sea
    Sherman circled atlanta while Hood hoped to lure the into Tennessee.Sherman continued south and took Savannah on December 21. This is also known as “Sherman’s march to the sea”.
  • The Freedman's Bureau

    The Freedman's Bureau
    The Freedman’s Bureau is established to aid blacks.
  • Appomattox Court House

    Appomattox Court House
    Lee and Grant met at Appomattox Courthouse. This was the final battle before they surrendered and came up with the peace terms to end the war.
  • President Lincoln's Assassination

    President Lincoln's Assassination
    President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated at Ford’s Theatre by John Wilkes Booth.
  • Johnson is impeachd

    Johnson is impeachd
    President Johnston is impeached for violating the Tenure of Office Acts. He removed Edward Stanton from being the Secretary of War and replaced him with Lorenzo Thomas without permission.
  • The Reconstruction Acts

    The Reconstruction Acts
    The Reconstruction Acts are developed to help bring the South into peace when the war ended.
  • Grant is elected president

    Grant is elected president
    The election of 1868 was the first presidential election to place during Reconstruction. Grant was running against Seymore and won the popular votes, so therefore, won the race and was the next president.
  • The Panic of 1873

    A Panic swept over the United States because 25 Railroad companies were bankrupt and selling on Wall Street stopped for 10 days.
  • Hayes is elected

    Hayes is elected
    The election of 1876 was one of the most disputed elections in history. But above all else, Hayes is elected president.
  • The Compromise of 1877

    The Compromise of 1877
    Compromise of 1877 is written. It says that the Republicans promise that Hayes with withdraw federal troops from the South is he is elected. Democrats promise to accept the Reconstruction Amendment.