Timeline of Samuel Vance Fulkerson

  • Birth

    Samuel Vance Fulkerson was born in 1822, and grew up in Abingdon, Virginia. circa 1822
  • Graduation

    Samuel Vance Fulkerson graduated from Virginia Military Institute giving him knowledge of being in war and military tactics, and basic training. circa 1841
  • served in Mexican American War

    served in Mexican American War
    Mexican American War Fulkerson served as an officer in the Mexican American War with his two brothers, and it gave him first hand experience about wars and what he was to do in them. circa 1846
  • joined 37th virginia infantry regiment

    joined 37th virginia infantry regiment
    He officialy joined the 37th Virginia Infantry Regiment making him able to use in knowledge in the war and help our country. 28th of may, 1861
  • assigned to new army

    assigned to new army
    On june 24th, 1861 me and the rest of the 37th was assigned to Brigadier General R. S. Garnett's Northwestern Army of Virginia at Laurel Hill making him have to fight with a whole new group of people, maybe he doesn't know the battle tactics they use. (battlesite)
  • First encounter with the enemy

    First encounter with the enemy
    Samuel and the rest of the 37th regiment marched through Staunton, Virginia and went through the Allegheny Mountains to the encampment at Laurel Hill, and thats were they first encountered the enemy. They didn't get majorly harmed but the union lost 2 people and had 6 wounded.
  • First Kernstown

    First Kernstown
    kernstown Fulkerson led the 37th and 23d regimant at the First Kernstown Battle, this shows he can control not one, but two armies at a time.
  • Battle of McDowell

    Battle of McDowell
    Samuel fought in the Battle at McDowell, each side of the war lost a bunch of soilders, but Samuel was a lucky one who survived this battle.
  • Port Republic

    Port Republic
    Port Republic Fulkerson charged his regiment into the battle to drive the enemys away, it succeed and his loss was little, showing he was a smart, talented, and good leader.
  • Death of Samuel Vance Fulkerson

    Death of Samuel Vance Fulkerson
    On June 28th, 1862 colonel Samuel Vance Fulkerson died at the Battle of Gaines Mill, he was 1 of the 2 people to die, which is bad, becuase they lost a talented leadr, and the soilders have no order and will most likely die.
  • Battle of Cedar Mountain

    Battle of Cedar Mountain
    Only 2 months after Samuels death his regiment and a bunch other battle at the Battle of Cedar Mountain. Samuel could of helped in this war by taking orders from Stonewall Jackson, and by coming up with strategies to use against the enemy.
  • Period: to

    Second Battle of Bull Run

    Battle of Bull Run 2 If Samuel would have stayed alive a little bit longer he would have served in this war, and could have led the 37th regiment in and gave orders that could of potentially saved a lot of lives.
  • Letter home to his family

    Letter home to his family
    Letter T.J. Jackson sent a letter home to Fulkersons family telling them of his tragic death. (bottom of link page....)
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    Battle of Antietam If Samuel would have survived the Battle at Gaines Mill he would have later battled at Antietam, one of the bloodiest wars. He maybe had not survived, but he could of helped his unit and maybe not so many people would have died.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Fredricksburg

    Battle of Fredricksburg Samuels regiment was present at the Battle of Fredricksburg, but he wasn't becuase he was dead. He could have contributed valuable knowledge towards that battle, and helped them win without losing so many precious soilders.
  • Period: to

    Battle at Chancellorsville

    [Battle of Chancellorsville](<a href='' >Battle Video</a> Samuel Fulkersons regiment later battled at Chancellorsville. Samuel could have battled this battle and help the Confederates win without a lot of casualties, and could have helped Stonewall Jackson contol the soilders so he maybe would not of died.
  • Isaac wounded

    Isaac wounded
    Isaac Fulkerson brother of Samuel Fulkerson was wounded at the battle at Cassville, Georgia on the 12th of May 1863, but he was strong enough to keep fighting, which is important because it shows he commitment and dedication to defender his beliefs and rights as a citizen.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg Samuel Fulkerson died June 28, 1862. If he stayed alive his regiment and him would have fought and lost a huge amount of men at the Battle of Gettysburg. The knowledge Samuel had would have probably decreased the number of deaths, and help mantain control of their postion.
  • Samuels brother

    Samuels brother
    Abram Fulkerson, Samuels brother was commander of the 63rd Tennesse, but he later got wounded and captured. After the war he became an attorny and a legislator in Bristol, Virginia. Circa 1864-1866
  • Period: to

    Camp of Confederate Veterans

    Abram Fulkerson Samuels brother, created the S.V. Fulkerson Camp of Confederate Veterans in honor of Samuel and all he has done throughout his life and throughout his war experience. Circa 1863-1865 somewhere around that time no date given
  • Period: to

    Battle of Spotsylvania

    Samuel would battled some of the last battles of the civil war, such as the one at Spotsylvania. He would have had more training then before and would have helped out the confederates a lot by using his knowledge to help them.
  • Surrender at Appomattox

    Surrender at Appomattox
    Battle at Appomattox This is a big event, becuase if Samuel had survived Gaines Mill he would of been at the Surrender at Appomattox and would have witnessed the end of the civil war.