American Civil War and Reconstruction

By GSharp
  • The Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise
    Missouri Compromise
    On March 3rd, 1820, the Missouri Compromise was passed by the American government. This was a law stating that any new states that might be formed within the unclaimed territory above 36 latitude would not be allowed to have slaves.
  • The Fugitive Slave Act

    The Fugitive Slave Act
    Fugitive Slave Act
    As part of the Compromise of 1850, the Fugitive Slave Act was passed to prevent slaves from escaping to freedom. This act established that any slave that escaped must be returned to their master if caputed again. All people, both in the north and south, had to obey this law.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    On this day, Uncle tom's Cabin, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe was first released to the public. This story, which showed the negatives of slavery was a key piece in the progress towards abolishment. Fearing problems in the south, some slave states acually banned the book from the people.
  • Lincoln Is Elected!

    Lincoln Is Elected!
    On this day, Abrahan Lincoln, the leader of the Republican Party, is elected the president of the United States. He becomes the 16th president. However, he is faced by glaring issues. First, the south continues to threaten separation. Second, slavery appears to be tearing the nation apart. Lincoln knows that these must be top priority if the nation is to be united.
  • The Confederate States of America is Born

    The Confederate States of America is Born
    Confederate States of America
    After a number of States had succeded from the union during the previous months, delegaes from each state met in Montgomery, Alabama to form new country. This would become the Confederate States of America. At the time, it consisted of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana. After Fort Sumpter's attack, however, more states would join.
  • Fort Sumter is Attacked

    Fort Sumter is Attacked
    Fort Sumter
    Fort Sumter was a federal fort located in South Carolina. Since the secession of the Confederate States, federal bases were a target for the southern military. The two day assult began on April twleth. This marked the beginning of the CIvil War
  • Period: to

    The Civil War

  • The First Battle of Bull Run

    The First Battle of Bull Run
    This day marked the first true battle of the American Civil War. When Union forces met the Confederate forces in Manassas, Virginia, they comenced in a one day battle that led to a confederate victory. This was decisive battle for the Confederates if they were going to show their strength
    Union Confederate
    Dead- 460 387
    Wounded- 1,124 1,582
    Missing- 1,312 13
  • The Battle of Gettysburg

    The Battle of Gettysburg
    The Battle of Gettysburg
    On this day, in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, a three day battle begins. It will come to pass as the most deadly battle in the entire Civil War. In the end, the Union,was the rightful victor.
    Union Confederate
    Deaths- 3,150 4,400
    Wounded- 14,500 12,950
    Missing- 5,165 5,350
  • Vicksburg Surrenders

    Vicksburg Surrenders
    As the Union army set out to control the Mississippi river. General Grant discovered that if they captured Vicksburg, the river would be theirs. So, a two month seige ensued and on Independence day, the Confederates surrendered to the north. This was a very influential point in the war becuase the south would no longer recieve supplies through the Mississippi. This led to the slow downfall the the South.
  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
    Gettysburg Address
    On this day, Abraham Lincoln delivered on of the most influencial speeches of all time. Following the battle of Gettysburg, this speech, used as a memorial to the dead, gave new hope and purpose into the Civil War. It also gave birth to a new way of liberty in America.
  • The South Surrenders!

    The South Surrenders!

    When Union Forces marched into Richmond, General Lee knew there was no hope. So, on this day, Lee surrender to the north, thereby putting an end to the American Civil war. After four years of reckless violence, a time of recounstruction could begin.
  • Abraham Lincoln is Assasinated

    Abraham Lincoln is Assasinated
    Lincoln's Assassination
    On this day, while attending a show, President Abraham Lincoln was shot by Confederate sympathiser John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre. Lincoln died the next day from his injuries. This event marked the true ending to the civil war.
  • 13th Amendment is ratified

    13th Amendment is ratified
    This is one of the most important amendments in America. It stated that slavery will never exist in America ever again. This helped to define the nation and give it the "new birth of freedom" that Lincoln set to find
  • Ku Klux Klan is Founded

    Ku Klux Klan is Founded
    Ku Klux Klan

    On this day, perhaps the most notorious terrorist group in America was founded. The Ku Klux Klan was comprised of ex-confederates who were upset with the outcome of the war. They would spend many years during the reconstruction era to kill and harass the newly freed African-American community. This would be one of the many struggles of this era.
  • 14th Amendment is Ratified

    14th Amendment is Ratified
    On this day, the United States government ratified the fourteenth amendment. This declared that all men share equal rights and that oppression will not be allowed. It also declared that any man born in America is an American citizen. This is very significant for America because on paper, this marked the end of oppression against any particular group of people.
  • Ulysses S. Grant becomes President

    Ulysses S. Grant becomes President
    On this day, Ulysses Grant was elected president of the Inited States. He was a very accomplished general during the Civil war and was very popular among the people. He sought to better the nation in whatever ways he could and clean up after Andrew Johnson.
  • 15th Amendment is Ratified

    15th Amendment is Ratified
    On this day, one of thre most important amendments was ratified. The fifteenth amendment secured that all men, regardless of colour or race, can have the right to vote in all elections. It also implies that the government can enforce this if need be. This helped to make America th free country that we know of today.
  • The Colfax Massacre

    The Colfax Massacre
    The Colfax Massacre

    With the growing anger of a still rebellious south, many white supremacy groups formed to combat the freed slaves. In Colfax, Louisiana, these groups clashed with former slaves in a day lond massacre. In the end, over one hundred African- Americans were killed. This event helped to show the nation that the problems of the civil war were not gone yet.
  • The battle at Little Bighorn

    The battle at Little Bighorn
    As Americans continued the move west, many Aboriginals felt that they should stand against the white people. As General Custer advanced to confront the natives on claimed land, a battle ensued. This battle came to pass as the biggest upset in the history of the American Military. It also slowed expansion for a brief time. This failiure will be perserved in history forever.
  • American Red Cross is Founded

    American Red Cross is Founded
    American Red Cross
    During the Recounstruction Era, while some were harming others, some Americans sought to help those in need. Clara Barton was one of those helpers. She persued disaster relief and aiding the military. This would help to shape the global perspective of America forever.