Civil war

Civil War

  • Election of 1860 (Political)

    Election of 1860 (Political)
    What: Abraham Lincoln wins a four way race for president of the united states.
    Importance: Caused the southerners to secede from the union in fear that his election would lead to its demise
  • Secession of South Carolina and Confederacy (Political)

    Secession of South Carolina and Confederacy (Political)
    What: South Carolina officially secedes from the union
    Importance: It was the first state to actually secede form the union which caused the other states to secede as well
  • Period: to

    Fort Sumter (Battle)

    What: Bombardment of Fort Sumter, near charleston, South carolina by the confederates.
    Importance: It was the first battle of the Amercian Civil War which signalized the start of the war.
  • 1st Bull Run Creek (Battle)

    1st Bull Run Creek (Battle)
    What: Battle fought in prince william county Virginia.
    Importance: 1st major battle of the civil war
  • Period: to

    The Confiscation Acts (Slavery)

    What: Laws passed by congress with intention of freeing slaves still held by confederate forces.
    Importance: Freed slaves which contributed to abolishing slavery
  • Trent Affair (Political)

    Trent Affair (Political)
    What: Diplomatic incident during the civil war
    Importance: Threatened a war between the us and the united kingdom
  • Homestead Act (Document)

    Homestead Act (Document)
    What: It was signed into law by abraham lincoln. It gave 16 acres of public land to western migrants.
    Importance: Encouraged western migration
  • Antietam (Battle)

    Antietam (Battle)
    What: Battle fought near sharpsburg, Maryland
    Importance: It was the first battle of the civil war to be fought in northern soil.
  • Emancipation Proclamation (Slavery)

    Emancipation Proclamation (Slavery)
    What: presidential proclamation and executive order which freed slaves in all portions of the United States not then under Union control
    Importance: Led the way to total abolition of slavery in the us
  • Military Draft (Political)

    Military Draft (Political)
    What: Draft requiring every man to serve in the army unless he can furnish a substitute or pay the government $300
    Importance: First draft by the us
  • Period: to

    Vicksburg (Battle)

    What: It was the seige of vicksburg
    Importance: Final major military action in the vicksburg campaign of the civil war.
  • Period: to

    Gettysburg (Battle)

    What: Battle in gettysburg pennsylvania, by union and confederate forces.
    Importance: It was the bloodiest battle of the american civil war.
  • Gettysburg Address (Political)

    Gettysburg Address (Political)
    What: Speech by lincoln in gettysburg after the defeat of the confederacy at the battle of gettysburg.
    Importance: One of the best known speeches in american history
  • Period: to

    Battle of Cold Harbor (Battle)

    What: Battle at cold harbor that was a disaster for the union.
    Importance: General Ulysses S. Grant makes a series of tactical mistakes that result in the deaths of 7,000 Union in twenty minutes.
  • Election of 1864 (Political)

    Election of 1864 (Political)
    What: Election of president on November 8, 1864 where Abraham Lincoln and George McClellan ran against each other.
    Importance: It was the 20th quadrennial presidential election
  • Period: to

    Shermans march to the sea (Battle)

    What: Military campaign of the civil war conducted through georgia
    Importance: Captured atlanta, a important transportation center in the confederacy
  • Battle of Nashville (Battle)

    Battle of Nashville (Battle)
    What: The Confederate Army of the Tennessee is crushed by the Union Army of the Cumberland in Nashville
    Importance: The war in the west if mostly over
  • Second Lincoln Inaugural (Political)

    Second Lincoln Inaugural (Political)
    What: Lincoln is reelected president
    Importance: Gets to keep fighting the war and try to defeat the Confederacy
  • Fall of Richmond (Battle)

    Fall of Richmond (Battle)
    What: The Union Army captures Richmond, Virginia
    Importance: An importnant national city to confederacy
  • Appomattox Courthouse (Battle)

    Appomattox Courthouse (Battle)
    What: Battle fought at the Appomattox Courthouse
    Importance: It was one of the last battles of the civil war
  • Lee Surrenders (Political)

    What: Lee surrenders to grant in a farmhous at appamattox courthouse, virginia
    Importance: The war is finally over
  • Lincoln's Death (Political)

    Lincoln's Death (Political)
    What: Abraham Lincoln is shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C.
    Importance: First president to be assasinated
  • 13th Amendment (Slavery)

    13th Amendment (Slavery)
    What:Declared that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."
    Importance: It abolished slavery in all American states
  • Pacific Railway Act (Document)

    Pacific Railway Act (Document)
    What: Series of acts that promoted the construction of a transcontinental railroad
    Importance: Provided federal gov't support for the first transcontinental railroad