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Oscar and George Olympic timeline

By dgps4b
  • Athens,Greece

    The Participating Coutries were Australia,Austria,Bulgaria,Chile,Denmark,France, Germany,Great Britain,Greece,Hungary,Italy,Sweden,Switzerland and Untied States America . Only 14 countries not a lot!!
  • Paris,France

    Here are the events Archery, Athletics, Basque pelota,Cricket, Croquet, Cycling ,Equestrian,Fencing,Football, Golf,Gymnastics,Polo,Rowing,Rugby union,Sailing,Shooting,Swimming,Tennis,Tug of war and water polo.
  • St Louis,Untied States Amercia

    St Louis,Untied States Amercia
    The participating countries are Australia,Austria,Canada,Cuba,France,Germany, Great Britain, Greece,Hungary,South Africa,Switzerland,Untied States. Intersting!
  • London,Untied Kingdom

    London,Untied Kingdom
    The 1906 eruption of Mt. Vesuvius requires the Games to move from Rome to London. For the first time, athletes march into the stadium behind their nations' flags. There are more than 2,000 competitors in more than 100 events. Italian Dorando Pietri needs to be helped across the finish line of the marathon, but is declared the winner before being disqualified in favor of Johnny Hayes of the Untied States America. By George
  • Stockhlom,Sweden

    Finland begins its domination of long-distance running events, as Hannes Kolehmainen picks up three gold medals and a silver. Women compete in swimming events for the first time, but none of them are from America, which bars its female athletes from competing in events without long skirts.
    I feel sorry for America! By George
  • Antwerp,Belgium

    Untied States America had 95 medals with 41 Gold Medals,27 Sliver, 27 Bronze Cool Facts!
  • Paris,France

    The host nation France has 13 gold medals.
  • Astermdam,Netherlands

    The host nation Netherlands 19 medals with 6 gold, 9 silver and 4 bronze.
  • Los Angeles,Untied States America

    Los Angeles,Untied States America
    The host Untied States America 41 gold medals.
  • Berlin,Germany

    The Host nation Germany has 89 medals.
  • London,Untied Kingdom

    London,Untied Kingdom
    Untied States had 38 Gold Medals.
  • Helsinki,Finland

    Australia had 6 gold medals.
  • Melbourne,Austrlia

    Australia has 13 gold medals.
  • Rome,Italy

    Sovient Union has 103 medals! cool!
  • Tokyo,Japan

    Sovient Union had 30 gold medal.
  • Mexico city, Mexico

    Mexico city, Mexico
    Untied states America has 107 medals in total with 45 gold, 28 silver and 34 bronze medal.
  • Munich,West Germany

    Munich,West Germany
    Sovient Union had 99 medals with 50 Gold,27 Silver and 22 Bronze.
  • Montreal,Canada

    The events were Achrey, Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Volleyball, Waterpolo, Weightlifting and Wresling.
  • Moscow,Soveint Union

    Moscow,Soveint Union
    Soveint Union has 80 gold medal.
  • Los Angeles,Untied States America

    Los Angeles,Untied States America
    United States has 83 gold medals.
  • Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul, South Korea
    South Korea with 12 gold medals.
  • Barcleona,Spain

    Amigos Para Siempre was sung by Sarah Brightman and Jose Carreras.
  • Atlanta,Untied States Amercia

    Atlanta,Untied States Amercia
    United States America has 83 gold medals.
  • Sydney,Australia

    The olympic mascot are Syd the platypus,Mille The Echidna and Olly the Kookaburra.
  • Athens,Greece

    Untied states had 102 medals with 36 Gold , 39 sliver and 27 bronze.
  • BeiJing,China

    China is dominating with 51 gold medals!