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Piotr Tchaikovsky Doctor of Music

  • Birth

    I was born in Kamsko-Votkinsk, in the western Ural Vyatka province of Russia. (cc) Scalleja
  • Piano Lessons

    Piano Lessons
    I began taking piano lessons when I was 17 years old with a local tutor. (cc) kktp
  • Mom Passed Away

    Mom Passed Away
    My mother died when I was only 14 years old. She fell victim to cholera and died. (cc) photosapience
  • St.Petersburg Conservatorie

    St.Petersburg Conservatorie
    I went to the St. Petersburg Conservatorie for school. I learned to write music. I also learned how to play the piano.
  • Playing the Piano

    Playing the Piano
    I played the piano. I played at the St.Petersburg Convseratorie. Htat helped me write my music and most of my pices were ment for the piano.
  • Finished Studies at the School of Jurisprudence

    Finished Studies at the School of Jurisprudence
    I was appointed clerk of the first class in the Ministry of Justice. (cc) .: Philipp Klinger :.
  • First Opera

    First Opera
    I wrote my first opera, The Voyevoda in 1868. (cc) Ben_111
  • Folk

    I am skilled in folk music. I started in 1875-1876. It is the most "frequently played of all piano concertos."
  • Piano Concerto

    Piano Concerto
    Concerto #1 for PianoMy Piano concerto # 1. Thins as you can see was my first piano conerto.
  • Swan Lake

    Swan Lake
    Swan LakeSwan Lake was my first balled. It was turned into a play. I wrote it in 1877
  • Juliet

    romeo and Juliet I also made compasitions for Romeo and Juliet. I also did some for Hamlet. Romeo and Juliet is said to be "notable for their richy melodic evoction of the moods of the literary works on which thay are based."
  • European Tour

    European Tour
    In 1888 I set out and went on tour all across Europe. (cc) pasma
  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping BeautyMy seconed Ballet was Sleeping Beauty. It was an instrumental brilliance.
  • The Nutcracker

    The Nutcracker
    THe Nutcracker THe Nutcracker is one of my most famous and greatest pices.
  • Death

    I died on this day in St. Petersburg, Russia. I died the same way my mother did, from cholera. (cc) Ben
  • Doctor

    am an Honorary Doctor of Music. I receved it from Cambridge University. My sixth symphony was also completed in 1893 and I started it in 1891.