Johannes Brahms

  • Birthday and Birth place

    Birthday and Birth place
    I was born on May 7, 1833 in Hamburg Germany. I grew up sorrounded by a practicle world of music. My family consisted of two siblings and my parents, Johanna Nissen and Johann Brahms.
  • Beginning studies

    Beginning studies
    This was when I first started to study the art of music. My first teacher was named Otto Cossel.
  • First musical apperance

    First musical apperance
    I began performing at an early age. My first aperanece was when I was ten years old, I played as a pianist in front of my first crowed. I played an etude by Hertz and participating in chamber works by Mozart and Beethoven.
  • Switching styles

    I turned from chamber music to orchestral music. I produced my first Serenade.
  • Returning Back

    Returning Back
    I returned to Hamburge. After spending 4 months in Detmold.
  • First in D minor

    First in D minor
    I finished my first concerto in D minor. The following year it premiered in Hanover and Leipzig.
  • First Symphony

    First Symphony
    I completed my first symphony in 1877. It was first performed by Hans Richter and the Vienna Philharmonic on this date.
  • Piano and viloin

    Piano and viloin
    I created my first D minor sonata for both the piano and violin. With the help of Tchaikovsky.
  • Retirement

    In 1890 at the age of 57 I resolved to give up composing. However in later years I produced a number of acknowledged masterpeices.
  • Death

    After a long and great life, I died in 1897 at the age of 64.