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The British in America Andrew and Anthony

By keller
  • First Colonial Attempt

    First Colonial Attempt
    In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh sent english settlers to Roanoke Island in a failed attempt to create a colony.
  • Second Colonial attempt

    Second Colonial attempt
    Another colony was being created by gov. John White. Three years later, the colony was abandoned.
  • First Permenant Colony

    First Permenant Colony
    The first permanent colony is created in Jamestown.
  • Miami moves

    Miami moves
    Cheif La Demoiselle left Kekionga to make a new trading center, called Pickawillany.
  • War begins

    War begins
    The French and Indian War began.
  • The War is over!

    The War is over!
    The British won the French and Indian War
  • Peace of Paris

    Peace of Paris
    The French and British sign a peace treaty in Paris.
  • Pontiac's War

    Pontiac's War
    Pontiac, an Ottawa cheif, led a rebellion against the British, but the British were triumphant.