Childhood Development

  • Conception

    the egg was fertilized and embryo starts to form
  • Development

    the embryo forms and the baby is about 20 inches long with toes and hands.
  • Birth

    Baby was born and was about 7 pounds.
  • Soon after Birth

    babies have 2 reflexes. they are when u touch the palm of their hand, they automatically grasp it firmly. And when you touch the soul of their feet, their toes fan out.
  • 15 to 20 weeks

    15 to 20 weeks
    patterns begin to matter and then babies begin to stare longer at facelike patterns.
  • Perceptual Development

    Perceptual Development
    they are scared to step off the carpet to glass because it's a drop off and they learn that cliff like things are dangerous.
  • First 7 months

    First 7 months
    baby goes from stomach to side, to back to stomach, then to sitting.
  • Comfort Contact

    babies have a insticual need to touch or be touched b something soft like skin or fur to feel comforted and safe.
  • 7 to 15 months of age

    7 to 15 months of age
    starts to crawl, then kneeling, to standing, and finally to walking.
  • Social Development

    Social Development
    babies get really attached to their mom and have stranger anxiety towards people they dont know.
  • In the First Year

    In the First Year
    their size and weight triples
  • Influences on self-esteem

    Influences on self-esteem
    if the parents offer an unconditional positive regard, then they accept their children for who they are no matter how the behave.
    and if the offer a conditional positive regard, then they only show their love when their child behaves.
  • Age and Self-esteem

    Age and Self-esteem
    at adolescence age, which is around 12 or 13, those are some really rough years because their self esteem reaches almost the lowest point because they're in elementary school.